Quotes by: Hanna Rosin

Although they are unfailingly gracious, evangelicals are not so good at respecting professional boundaries.
Hanna Rosin
I grew up in a working-class Israeli family, which was feminist only in its female-dominated structure.
Hanna Rosin
I grew up with a pretty tough mom. She was a self-appointed neighborhood watchdog, and if she saw that any of the local boys were up to no good, she would scold them on the spot. Although she is only 5 feet 2, she was famous in our neighborhood for intimidating men three times her size and getting them to do the right thing.
Hanna Rosin
Feminism was about making women's lives less constrained and giving them more choices.
Hanna Rosin
Previously, young children had to be shown by their parents how to use a mouse or a remote, and the connection between what they were doing with their hand and what was happening on the screen took some time to grasp. But with the iPad, the connection is obvious, even to toddlers.
Hanna Rosin
Because women have been marginalised, they're more likely to behave like immigrants and continue to push themselves forward in order to avoid falling through the cracks, but I don't think a happy ending comes from matriarchy.
Hanna Rosin
One way the Tea Party has benefited female candidates - and the conservative movement generally - is by consciously steering clear of social issues.
Hanna Rosin
If men can quilt and take over the kitchen, then women can pick up a wrench and fix a leaky pipe.
Hanna Rosin
For women in, say, Alabama, 'feminism' is a dirty word. They would never march in the streets. But although they don't think of themselves as the beneficiaries of feminism, they are.
Hanna Rosin
Studies show that recipients of Section 8 vouchers have tended to choose moderately poor neighborhoods that were already on the decline, not low-poverty neighborhoods.
Hanna Rosin
Transsexualism is far less common than homosexuality, and the research is in its infancy. Scattered studies have looked at brain activity, finger size, familial recurrence, and birth order.
Hanna Rosin
Green jobs - those are jobs that feel like new economy jobs; they do require some training.
Hanna Rosin
To apply for a gifted program, children as young as 4 are required to sit through hour-long verbal exams.
Hanna Rosin

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