Quotes by: Iain Banks

Iain Banks
Banks at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, 18 August 2009
Born 16 February 1954
Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
Died 9 June 2013(2013-06-09) (aged 59)
Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
Pen name Iain M. Banks
Occupation Writer
Nationality Scottish
Science fiction Literary fiction
Spouse Annie Blackburn (1992–2009; divorced)
Adele Hartley (29 March 2013 – 9 June 2013; his death)

As long as a film stays unmade, the book is entirely yours, it belongs to the writer. As soon as you make it into a film, suddenly more people see it than have ever read the book.
Iain Banks
I still find it hard to understand that anyone could argue that you can't have machines that exhibit consciousness.
Iain Banks
I'm not a great believer in awards-of course the fact that I've never won one has nothing to do with it at all!
Iain Banks
Smell is a very animal thing, almost reptilian, where the more cerebral things like reading less so.
Iain Banks
Most mainstream male fiction is littered with heroines, and female characters are basically so great, you want to fall in love with them.
Iain Banks
Science fiction has its own history, its own legacy of what's been done, what's been superseded, what's so much part of the furniture it's practically part of the fabric now, what's become no more than a joke... and so on. It's just plain foolish, as well as comically arrogant, to ignore all this, to fail to do the most basic research.
Iain Banks
You have to have something worth saying and then the ability to say it- writing's a double skill, really.
Iain Banks
In theory, I work an eight-hour day and a five-day week which means I can socialise with my pals who mostly have normal jobs like teaching and computer programming.
Iain Banks
I think a lot of people are frightened of technology and frightened of change, and the way to deal with something you're frightened of is to make fun of it. That's why science fiction fans are dismissed as geeks and nerds.
Iain Banks
I'm an only child so am happy with my own company and I don't really get lonely.
Iain Banks
My point has always been that, ever since the Industrial Revolution, science fiction has been the most important genre there is.
Iain Banks
Science fiction is trying to find alternative ways of looking at realities.
Iain Banks
I don't really do themes. I might accidentally, but themes are an emergent phenomena of the writing of the book, of just trying to get a story out there.
Iain Banks
I love writing and can't imagine not being able to do it. I want an easy life and if it had been difficult I wouldn't be doing it. I do admire writers who do it even though it costs them.
Iain Banks
I've always loved Scotland, and I'm not a huge fan of big cities, to be honest. I like them to dip into for a bit, but I'm not sure I would want to live in one again.
Iain Banks
Technology determines the possibilities of society. It doesn't matter whether you start out from a fascist state or a communist state or a free-market state.
Iain Banks
Even in my side of the world, I've been in publishing for what, 25 or 26 years, and it's gone from being a gentlemen's club to being a few big players, and it's very corporatised.
Iain Banks
You get so caught up in what you're writing - action sequences tend to do that more than anything else because you're living it, and feeling for your characters.
Iain Banks
I enjoy it too much - even if I knew I'd never get a book published, I would still write. I enjoy the experience of getting thoughts and ideas and plots and characters organised into this narrative framework.
Iain Banks
I just come up with the stories and write them as well as I can. There's not really a great deal of strokey-beard thinking going on.
Iain Banks
There is a quite a lot of effort involved but I find action sequences some of the quickest to write and the most fun.
Iain Banks
I remember being shocked when I discovered some of my school pals didn't have books in their homes. I thought it was like not having oxygen, or hot water.
Iain Banks

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