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The Right Honourable
Iain Duncan Smith
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
In office
12 May 2010 – 18 March 2016
Prime Minister David Cameron
Preceded by Yvette Cooper
Succeeded by Stephen Crabb
Leader of the Opposition
In office
13 September 2001 – 6 November 2003
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Deputy Michael Ancram
Preceded by William Hague
Succeeded by Michael Howard
Leader of the Conservative Party
In office
13 September 2001 – 6 November 2003
Deputy Michael Ancram
Preceded by William Hague
Succeeded by Michael Howard
Shadow Secretary of State for Defence
In office
15 June 1999 – 13 September 2001
Leader William Hague
Shadowing George Robertson
Geoff Hoon
Preceded by John Maples
Succeeded by Bernard Jenkin
Shadow Secretary of State for Social Security
In office
2 June 1997 – 15 June 1999
Leader William Hague
Shadowing Harriet Harman
Alistair Darling
Preceded by Peter Lilley
Succeeded by David Willetts
Member of Parliament
for Chingford and Woodford Green
Chingford (1992–1997)
Assumed office
9 April 1992
Preceded by Norman Tebbit
Majority 8,386 (19.1%)
Personal details
Born George Iain Duncan Smith
(1954-04-09) 9 April 1954 (age 62)
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Political party Conservative
Spouse(s) Betsy Fremantle
Children 4
Alma mater Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Religion Roman Catholicism
Military service
Nickname(s) IDS
Allegiance  United Kingdom
Service/branch British Army
Years of service 1975–1981
Rank Lieutenant
Unit Scots Guards
Battles/wars The Troubles

I think that the status that you have in life should be reflected in official documents. If you are married, fine, if you are living with someone, fine, if you are single, fine. We don't want to tell people how to live their lives.
Iain Duncan Smith
Look, I've always said from the word go many years ago that I felt the whole bonus culture, they need to think very carefully about being detached from the rest of the British public.
Iain Duncan Smith
You know in my own area of Waltham Forest, we've had many murders as a result of the gang violence and often innocent bystanders get caught up in it.
Iain Duncan Smith
Every parent wants to know that their children are protected against those who have a particular agenda until they get old enough to make decisions for themselves.
Iain Duncan Smith
The future of Conservatism lies in our beliefs and values, not by throwing them away. We need to shed associations that bind us to past failures, but hold faith with those things that make us Conservatives.
Iain Duncan Smith
We have to ensure that our immigration system works in the interests of Britain, enabling us to make a realistic promise to our young school-leavers. It is part of our contract with the British people.
Iain Duncan Smith
Well football teams are perhaps easier to control than political parties, I'm sure the Prime Minister would agree with me, but yeah I think every team needs discipline and a sense of self-belief and that's important, that's what leadership's all about.
Iain Duncan Smith
What we want to do is reform the welfare system in the way that Tony Blair talked about 13 years ago but never achieved - a system that was created for the days after the Second World War. That prize is now I think achievable.
Iain Duncan Smith
It's fairness to say those who work hard, get up in the morning, cut their cloth - in other words 'we can only afford to have one or two children because we don't earn enough'. They pay their taxes and they want to know that the same kind of decision-making is taking place for those on benefits.
Iain Duncan Smith
The fact is that in too many communities in cities in Britain gangs now have become completely rooted into these communities and they destroy them around them.
Iain Duncan Smith
All too often, government's response to social breakdown has been a classic case of 'patching' - a case of handing money out, containing problems and limiting the damage but, in doing so, supporting - even reinforcing - dysfunctional behaviour.
Iain Duncan Smith
With the right support, a child growing up in a dysfunctional household, who was destined for a lifetime on benefits could be put on an entirely different track - one which sees them move into fulfilling and sustainable work. In doing so, they will pull themselves out of poverty.
Iain Duncan Smith
When the news is good, the BBC view is: 'Get the government out of the picture quickly, don't allow them to say anything about it.' When the news is bad: 'Let's all dump on the government.'
Iain Duncan Smith
A good proportion of foreign nationals in jobs in the UK are in semi or low-skilled occupations.
Iain Duncan Smith
I do not believe the picture that some people paint of Scottish towns dependent on welfare. Every time I come here, I meet people who are determined to get into work. Who, with the right help are desperate to get off benefits, support their family and set an example for their children.
Iain Duncan Smith
My view is pensioners don't have the one option that people of working age have. They can't really increase their income, because they are no longer able to work.
Iain Duncan Smith
No one out there is interested in who did what to whom in Westminster politics.
Iain Duncan Smith
Gang members have invariably grown up in broken, chaotic homes, often experiencing domestic violence; they have truanted from school and many have been formally excluded; and they live in neighbourhoods where worklessness, addiction and crime are rife.
Iain Duncan Smith
We have to challenge the whole idea that it's acceptable for a society like Britain to have such a significant number of people who do not work one day of the week and don't have any possibility of improving the quality of their lives.
Iain Duncan Smith

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