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Jack Bruce
Bruce at the Deutsches Jazzfestival, 2007
Background information
Birth name John Symon Asher Bruce
Born (1943-05-14)14 May 1943
Bishopbriggs, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Died 25 October 2014(2014-10-25) (aged 71)
Suffolk, England
Genres Rock, jazz-rock, blues-rock, Latin
Occupation(s) Musician, composer
Bass guitar vocals piano
Years active 1962–2014
Labels Polydor, Atco, RSO, Epic, CMP, Sanctuary, Esoteric
Associated acts Blues Incorporated, The Graham Bond Organisation, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Manfred Mann, Cream, The Tony Williams Lifetime, West, Bruce and Laing, Rocket 88, Kip Hanrahan, BBM, Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band
Website jackbruce.com
Notable instruments
Gibson EB-3
Warwick Thumb

Since I got my new liver, some of my tastes have changed. There are certain things I don't like anymore. I loved Indian food before but not now.
Jack Bruce
Growing up in inner-city Glasgow, it sometimes seemed to me money hadn't been invented.
Jack Bruce
I know he played on the last record but I don't wake up in the middle of the night thinking of Eric Clapton.
Jack Bruce
I was 16 when I got a scholarship to study classical composition at a conservatory. By that time I had already listened to Scottish folksong with my mother, sung in church choirs, and had sung solo with Benjamin Britten conducting.
Jack Bruce
At the age of 16 I started performing with a dance band in the evenings and began earning more money than my father, but he was pleased for me.
Jack Bruce
We all have roles in life. I'm a dad, a husband, this and that, but basically I only feel justified in being alive when I'm on the stage.
Jack Bruce
Well I like everything but my first love has always been piano because when I started out there was a piano in my house and it was there so I just started tinkling on it really so it's always been my first love.
Jack Bruce
I've always been interested in any kind of great music, and African music is, I think, the source of it all.
Jack Bruce
What I'm trying to do, in my own small way, is trying to bring African and Afro-Cuban rhythms into rock.
Jack Bruce
I think I'm an okay parent, but I'd put myself in the category of a musician-who-happened-to-become-a-father. I'm definitely not a father-who-happened-to-be-a-musician.
Jack Bruce
Between now and then and I just felt it was ready and it was a long enough period gone by. I obviously didn't want to hurt anybody, you know. It was done out of a genuine memorial or tribute whatever you want to call it.
Jack Bruce
I've always had money because of my early success with Cream, so I tell young musicians to aim to write their own material, because owning the composition rights makes a very big difference.
Jack Bruce
Thankfully I'm not endlessly ambitious, but I have done some crazy ambitious things like buying an island off the west coast of Scotland in the late Sixties.
Jack Bruce
I had a lot of vocal problems when I was younger. I don't know if it's down to leading a healthier lifestyle or what but my range has increased.
Jack Bruce
Well all the big companies are really panicked by the internet thing and all that, and sales went down, although sales have gone up again in this country a bit and also the big companies, because they're so big, they need big sales really so they're not really interested.
Jack Bruce
Some musicians I know are incredible fathers. Like Keith Richards. A fantastic dad.
Jack Bruce

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