Quotes by: Jack Dangermond

Something like 80 per cent of business decisions have a location element. In fact, it's probably higher than that.
Jack Dangermond
I am hunting for people who would be a good colleague or a teammate, not someone who works for me.
Jack Dangermond
We shifted our philosophy from being a computer mapping group that would support planners to the idea of building actual software that would be well engineered. Because at that time, our software was not well-engineered at all; it was basically built with project funding and for project work, largely by ourselves.
Jack Dangermond
GIS is the only technology that actually integrates many different subjects using geography as its common framework.
Jack Dangermond
We aren't into the consumer space because that space is largely dominated by search and advertising, and it has a consumer face to it.
Jack Dangermond
GIS, in its digital manifestation of geography, goes beyond just the science. It provides us a framework and a process for applying geography. It brings together observational science and measurement and integrates it with modeling and prediction, analysis, and interpretation so that we can understand things.
Jack Dangermond
AppStudio is a native app builder that allows you to build the app and automatically deploy it on Android, iPhone, and Windows. It lets you design it once and then implement it anywhere.
Jack Dangermond
At Harvard, I worked for some time as a researcher in a lab for computer graphics and spatial analysis, which is one of the birthplaces for what we do.
Jack Dangermond
A location-aware tablet will let us use what's called geodesign to compose participatory, what-if scenarios onsite, using maps that several people can share - something we could always do with paper but that's been a challenge with digital maps in the field.
Jack Dangermond
On the landscape crew, I learned a lot from the other workers. We treated everybody equally, and we worked hard.
Jack Dangermond
Our intention and aspiration is to continue building out thematic information about every subject - basemaps, imagery, demographics, landscape data, etc. - so anyone can use it to access thousands of authoritative maps.
Jack Dangermond
ArcGIS includes a Living Atlas of the World. It's like a large living library of geographic information.
Jack Dangermond
Because we're in a small town and somewhat isolated from the fast lane of high tech, we've been able to grow and concentrate on our work instead of being distracted by the competition and getting caught up in the soap opera of Silicon Valley.
Jack Dangermond
You have to decide who you are going to serve - stockholders or your customers.
Jack Dangermond
The world that you and I live in is increasingly challenged. Population growth, pollution, over-consumption, unsustainable patterns, social conflict, climate change, loss of nature... these are not good stories.
Jack Dangermond
One thing that has made us so successful is that we've never taken outside investment. That means we can concentrate on what our customers want - not what the stockholders or the VCs want.
Jack Dangermond
GIS started on mainframe computers; we could get one map every five to 10 hours, and if we made a mistake, it could take longer. In the early '90s, when people started buying PCs, we migrated to desktop software.
Jack Dangermond

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