Quotes by: Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Reporters used to ask me the same inane questions year-in and year-out, city-to-city, and it would drive me crazy.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Michael Jordan and Magic and myself all learned how to play the game in college programs that emphasized the team.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
I want people to understand that I intend to continue living and doing all the things that I love to do up until the end. And the end is by no means rushing up on me.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
When the line started to blur between the fans and the players, sometimes things can get ugly.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
I was getting hot flashes and sweats on a regular basis. That's not normal, even for my age.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
I'm not comfortable being preachy, but more people need to start spending as much time in the library as they do on the basketball court.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Five guys on the court working together can achieve more than five talented individuals who come and go as individuals.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
You got guys now declaring they're ready to play pro ball in their second or third year of high school. It's crazy! They're missing so much.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
I think black Americans expect too much from individual black Americans in terms of changing the status quo.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
In athletics there's always been a willingness to cheat if it looks like you're not cheating. I think that's just a quirk of human nature.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
It's hard for young players to see the big picture. They just see three or four years down the road.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Great players are willing to give up their own personal achievement for the achievement of the group. It enhances everybody.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
I think that the good and the great are only separated by the willingness to sacrifice.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Today's youth are told to get rich or die trying and they really shouldn't take that attitude forward with them.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
You have to be able to center yourself, to let all of your emotions go... Don't ever forget that you play with your soul as well as your body.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar

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