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Kate Bush
Bush about to perform at Comic Relief in 1986
Background information
Birth name Catherine Bush
Born (1958-07-30) 30 July 1958 (age 58)
Bexleyheath, Kent, England
Art rock[1][2][3] art pop[4][5] avant-pop[6][7] pop rock[8] experimental pop[9][10] baroque pop[11][12]
Singer songwriter musician record producer director
Vocals keyboards
Years active 1975–present
Website katebush.com
Notable instruments
Fairlight CMI

I have a theory that there are still parts of our mental worlds that are still based around the age of between five and eight, and we just kind of pretend to be grown-up.
Kate Bush
My parents weren't keen on the giving up of school at the beginning to go into singing and dancing, but once they saw I was serious about it, they gave support. I was quite stubborn about my decision, and in the end, they realised it was for the best.
Kate Bush
In your teens, you get the physical puberty, and between 28 and 32, mental puberty. It does make you feel differently.
Kate Bush
I do have the odd dream where I'm on stage and I've completely forgotten what I'm meant to be performing - so they are more nightmares than dreams.
Kate Bush
I wasn't an easy, happy-go-lucky girl because I used to think about everything so much, and I think I probably still do.
Kate Bush
It's not that I don't like American pop; I'm a huge admirer of it, but I think my roots came from a very English and Irish base. Is it all sort of totally non-American sounding, do you think?
Kate Bush
I didn't really feel that there were any filler tracks on 'The Red Shoes,' but if I were to do that album now, I wouldn't make it so long.
Kate Bush
My father was always playing the piano. He played all kinds of music - Gershwin, all kinds of stuff.
Kate Bush
My music can be a little obscure. It does worry me that the music might be too complicated for people to take in - that they have to work too hard at it.
Kate Bush
I understand that people want to just listen to a track and put it on their iPod, and that's fine, there's nothing wrong with that, but why can't that exist hand in hand with an album? They're such different experiences.
Kate Bush
I don't know about hiding away, but I really only like to present myself when I'm working on something - it's more my work I like to present to the world rather than myself.
Kate Bush
We have such little mystery in our lives generally because of how we live now. I mean, of course, mystery is all around us, but the way we live our lives now, we're too busy to be bothered with it.
Kate Bush
I was aware of a lot of my friends being into things I wasn't into. Like sarcasm. It had never been a part of my family - they still don't use sarcasm.
Kate Bush
I guess what all artists want is for their work to touch someone or for it to be thought provoking.
Kate Bush
I am just trying to be a good, protective mother. I want to give Bertie as normal a childhood as possible while preserving his privacy.
Kate Bush
People ask what I really did in the three years between 'The Dreaming' and 'Hounds of Love.' I spent it with my family, living a normal home life.
Kate Bush
Quite understandably, people think that if there's a six-year gap or whatever, that it's taken me six years to make the album. It's not really like that at all.
Kate Bush
I'm not sure there are a lot of things I'd want a manager for. I suppose I feel that at least the decisions I make are coming from me, and I'm not put into a situation that I wouldn't want to be in.
Kate Bush

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