Quotes by: Kate Hudson

I make sure I eat well without depriving myself of the things that I love: a cheeseburger and fries, creamy white-truffle pasta, bowls of ice cream. Everything in moderation, but I indulge at least three times a week.
Kate Hudson
I don't know if people really want to know how I feel about drugs. I'm not such a stickler. I believe you can choose to live your life any way you want.
Kate Hudson
I did not like leaving them when they were little or big. You have to have priorities regarding what you will allow to take you away from your kid.
Kate Hudson
Yes, I help my kids with their homework. But I also get bored doing it. I will sit and listen to my children pontificate and discuss their ideas till the day is long because it warms my heart, but I really don't want to do math!
Kate Hudson
You have people who can't act and they get all these parts. Paris Hilton falls into her own category. She's made a career out of it.
Kate Hudson
Forgiveness in any aspect of something that is complex is the greatest tool.
Kate Hudson
I think that's like the age-old psychological core issue for any situation. Anybody who has had an experience with a parent that is absent, it's going to manifest.
Kate Hudson
We get to a point where we're like, you know what, one day we're just not gonna be here anymore, so I'm going to enjoy every second of it.
Kate Hudson
Never worry about bad press: All that matters is if they spell your name right.
Kate Hudson
I live by a rulebook of eating alkaline - no meat, no dairy, no gluten, I try to stay away from sugar - but I'll cheat when I want to since I'm a bit of a foodie.
Kate Hudson
I'm not afraid of heights. I rock climb. I can repel off the side of a building.
Kate Hudson
I love my shape because I work really hard at it. I honor my body by working out and seeing what it can do.
Kate Hudson
If you're not mindful about sugar, high sugar intake is just the worst thing for you, but I'm, like, everything in moderation, and that's how I approach it.
Kate Hudson
To create a nice relationship with an ex, the love has to change form. I think you just have to put your children first.
Kate Hudson
I'm superstitious... but not like wear the same underwear for two weeks superstitious.
Kate Hudson

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