Quotes by: Kate Smith

Kate Smith
Background information
Birth name Kathryn Elizabeth Smith
Born (1907-05-01)May 1, 1907
Greenville, Virginia, U.S.
Died June 17, 1986(1986-06-17) (aged 79)
Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.
Occupation(s) Singer
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1926–1976
Labels RCA Victor
Savoy Records

Public and employer opinion often defeat society's best interests with a prejudice against middle-aged women.
Kate Smith
I must work hard to make my singing above reproach; there must be no faults which hard work would take care of.
Kate Smith
Ice cream was my undoing, and six chocolate milk shakes in a row were nothing to me at one time.
Kate Smith
I shall always respect the composer. If I embellish, it is his idea I am embellishing.
Kate Smith
My singing is part of me, like my stoutness, or my light hair, or my poor eyesight.
Kate Smith
Many people submit to excessive appetites without realizing that they do not need to eat so much food.
Kate Smith
Middle-aged women have greater stability, they are more loyal, and their capacity for steady work is greater than that of younger women.
Kate Smith
I could not separate myself off stage from myself on stage, as so many actors can.
Kate Smith
I could see myself in a white nurse's uniform, working unnoticed for many years and at last dying, unknown, unmarried and unsung.
Kate Smith
I sometimes get that wonderful sympathy between me and the audience, telling me I've reached their hearts. And when I do, the thrill is mine.
Kate Smith
As soon as I began to earn what might be called fairly large sums, I bought a car and began to explore the country around New York.
Kate Smith
I have been extremely lucky with reviewers and critics throughout my career.
Kate Smith
If rock-and-roll is well done, there's nothing so terribly wrong with that kind of music. But the lyrics are another story.
Kate Smith
Since I have been singing for so many years, I don't always need to approach a song quite so laboriously and meticulously.
Kate Smith
I am continually embarrassed by people who point me out as an example of what can be done without training.
Kate Smith
It is important that the audience should understand every syllable of every word, for only then can they grasp the meaning of the song.
Kate Smith
It became obvious in 1957 that I was endangering my health by carrying so much weight.
Kate Smith
Every small town has its dramatic group, its barber-shop quartet, every home has music in one form or another.
Kate Smith

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