Quotes by: Kate Winslet

I'm not a believer in hiding things from my kids because ultimately they are going to have questions - they feel things.
Kate Winslet
I never had a desire to be famous... I was fat. I didn't know any fat famous actresses... You know, once a fat kid, always a fat kid. Because you always think that you just look a little bit wrong or a little bit different from everyone else. And I still sort of have that.
Kate Winslet
Love to me, God, this is so difficult... To me, love is when you meet that person and you think, 'This is it, this is who I'm supposed to be with.'
Kate Winslet
I do think it's important for young women to know that magazine covers are retouched. People don't really look like that.
Kate Winslet
My life has taken me down several different paths I never expected it to take me down. Not in a million years.
Kate Winslet
I really believe in, 'Move on, live and let live, forgive and forget.'
Kate Winslet
My skin still crawls if you call me a movie star. I get embarrassed. I think, don't be ridiculous. Maybe it's because I'm British. To me, Julia Roberts that's a movie star. But when people do call me one, that, I think, is an enormous compliment but, my God, is that a responsibility!
Kate Winslet
I have been a parent since I was 25. That's a large chunk of my adult life. Mother or father, it transforms you completely.
Kate Winslet
There were nineteen years between my grandparents, and I was in a relationship for five years from the age of fifteen to twenty with a man who was thirteen years older than me who remains one of the loves of my life, and he passed away when I was twenty years old.
Kate Winslet
Let me tell you, 'The Reader' was not glamorous for me in terms of the body-hair maintenance.
Kate Winslet
It's very tempting to have a nanny and live in a gated community and have a chef - I'd love to have a few dinners cooked for me. But I don't want that for my children. When they're older, if people say to them, 'Did you have a chef?' I want them to be shocked by the question.
Kate Winslet

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