Quotes by: Kate Winslet

My grandparents - both of my mother's parents - were actors, and they ran the Reading Repertory Theatre Company, through the town of Reading, where I come from.
Kate Winslet
My kids don't go back and forth; none of this 50/50 time with the mums and dads. My children live with me; that is it.
Kate Winslet
I was always quite good with accents - I always had quite a good ear - so from the age of about 13, I used to do a lot of voiceover and dubbing for foreign films.
Kate Winslet
I have moments when I'll stare at a script and say, 'I don't know what I'm doing!' But then I push myself into that feeling because I think panic is important.
Kate Winslet
As an adult and a parent, when I'm not acting, I'm not acting. I'm being a parent, and I'm on the school run, and I'm sewing labels onto socks. That's what I'm doing.
Kate Winslet
Ah... romance to me is spontaneity. It's not diamond earrings; it's a bunch of daffodils that's freshly picked from the field.
Kate Winslet
I think there's a lot of pressure on young people to really be the thing that everyone is telling them that they are, opposed to discovering it for themselves.
Kate Winslet
I was the kid who never won the races... I wasn't on the list of the high-achieving.
Kate Winslet
I'm not very technically minded. I mean, I don't know how to do e-mail on computers.
Kate Winslet
It's funny when someone says to you 'you're hot' and all that, because I don't think of it in that way.
Kate Winslet
Thank God I'm in touch with my emotions enough to be able to pick up my children, kiss them all over and say 'I love you' over and over.
Kate Winslet
Whenever I go to L.A., the make-up artist or hairdresser will end up having a conversation about how fat they think they are, and I really just can't take it seriously at all.
Kate Winslet
I've had a very full and lovely career so far, and I can't honestly say that I've ever really found myself in a man's world, struggling for an identity or trying to prove something.
Kate Winslet
Acting, and the privilege of being able to do it for a living, is so important to me. I don't turn up and just hope for the best. I really fret about it. I do my homework; I prepare myself for the experience of playing a particular character.
Kate Winslet
I think it's very important to teach your children to struggle on some level.
Kate Winslet
Anyone who's been through divorce will know that every day is really hard.
Kate Winslet
I want to end up like Judi Dench. I want to have nice consistent work, doing lovely things, no matter how big or small they might be. I'd like to turn into a wise old thing.
Kate Winslet

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