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Katherine Schwarzenegger
Schwarzenegger at the World Dog Awards in January 2015
Born Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger
(1989-12-13) December 13, 1989 (age 27)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation Author
Parent(s) Arnold Schwarzenegger
Maria Shriver
Relatives Patrick Schwarzenegger (brother)
Gustav Schwarzenegger
(paternal grandfather)
Bobby Shriver (maternal uncle)
Timothy Shriver (maternal uncle)
Mark Shriver (maternal uncle)
Anthony Shriver (maternal uncle)
John F. Kennedy (great uncle)
Robert F. Kennedy (great uncle)
Ted Kennedy (great uncle) see Kennedy family

I like clothes that are fashionable but also have great messages for lifestyle, and 360 does just that - the sweaters are for women of all shapes and sizes and are designed to allow a woman to feel beautiful and chic from the inside out.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
Learning to love my inner and outer beauty wasn't an easy road. I still don't always love the reflection I see in the mirror, but I have learned that my outer appearance does not define me.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
The most important thing that I've learnt is that the perfect body doesn't exist.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
My go-to shoes for red-carpet events are usually always black, but I mix between my pointed stilettos and platform heels.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
My father is Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California, and yes, he was the Terminator! He is also a former Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia, two titles he earned as a champion bodybuilder.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
The whole thing with contouring is to contour where your natural cheekbone would be and where sun would hit you naturally.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
I was never into makeup when I was younger, and I still love not piling on the makeup every day, but as I've gotten older I've actually found makeup to be fun.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
Women's bodies are meant to store fat so that we can do amazing things like have babies or rock a tight pair of jeans.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
I decided to move out of the apartment I was sharing with my best friend before graduation and move back home. My parents had recently separated, and I wanted to move back home with my mom and my siblings.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
Shopping is a great way to bond with the girls, but it definitely makes us focus on our bodies and compare ourselves to others. Something that should be a fun outing with the girls can turn into an uncomfortable experience.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
I'm aware of the fact that I don't know how to do it all, but I want for my blog to be a place where people can come to ask questions so that I can look for the answers for them. That's the kind of work that I did for my books, and I want to transition that to my blog for more of a community feel.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
From the moment I watched my first episode of 'Girls,' I have been a fan of Lena Dunham.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
I'm so excited to be working with 360, not only because I am in love with everything they create but also because each collection always includes the key pieces I look for.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
I grew up with my mom always talking to everyone everywhere, whether it was professionally or in a coffee shop. And my dad was the same way. So I love being able to talk to people, hear their stories and be inspired.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
I did an internship with Dove when they were doing the 'real beauty' campaign, and I was really inspired by that. Growing up in L.A., being a young woman, and seeing how the media tells young women to be everything you're not, I kind of wrote about that experience.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
I love traveling around and talking to women in groups like the Girl Scouts, and being able to work with them is such an honor. For me, it's always about working really hard and being able to help other people, which is what I've done with both of my books.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
I graduated high school, and I did my internship at Dove in their public relations department because I thought I wanted to be in PR, which turns out I did not. It was right when they were coming out with the Campaign for Real Beauty, so I got an inside view on the whole thing.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
I don't do my hair very perfectly because I think it looks sexier when you don't have everything perfectly structured out.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
Keep in mind that it is very important to stay moving and to get exercise - positive feelings about our appearance develop once we start taking control of our health.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
Of all the reader questions I get each week, the most common question I get is, 'What are you wearing?'
Katherine Schwarzenegger
Looking back, I can genuinely say that I am truly grateful that my parents sheltered us from the public eye. This may sound like an easy task, but it was probably the hardest thing they had to figure out as parents - how to give their kids a normal childhood even though they were always in the spotlight.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
When I went to college, I met a new group of friends and looked back on my high-school experience and realized how much time I had wasted on trying to make myself something I wasn't.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
We should celebrate how amazing our bodies are! We all have things that we like and dislike about our bodies, but we need to focus on what we love - maybe it's a great smile, strong legs or curly hair?
Katherine Schwarzenegger
My siblings and I were raised to be very hardworking and to find something that we're passionate in, and to be able to turn that into work - I'm lucky to be able to say that I've done that.
Katherine Schwarzenegger

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