Quotes by: Katie Taylor

I don't feel much pressure at all. I have great family support, and they take a lot of pressure off me. They help to control media and public interest.
Katie Taylor
My training diet can be quite strict when I'm coming up to competition; it's a weight-making sport, of course. But I eat quite healthily anyway, and it's less strict when out of competition.
Katie Taylor
I wouldn't really call myself a feminist. I obviously want equality and equal opportunities to the men.
Katie Taylor
There are so many career opportunities out there now for young women, and it's great to have the opportunity to encourage them to get involved in these new careers.
Katie Taylor
It's so true: the fight is won or lost in the gym, and those words really stuck with me throughout my career.
Katie Taylor
You're clearing your mind during a workout. Boxing is a great sport for girls; it's really safe.
Katie Taylor
It's great for my confidence getting a letter saying 'All I want from life, Katie, is you and health.'
Katie Taylor
When you're so consistent, people have to stand up and take notice. I don't think people recognise or praise consistency enough.
Katie Taylor
I know MMA isn't for everyone. It is a combat sport; some people don't like watching it, but it is entertainment for some people.
Katie Taylor
Every fight has been hard. Every world title I've won has been hard fought, and every European title I've won has been hard fought as well.
Katie Taylor
I have stayed positiv,e and I believe I am still improving in every competition I enter.
Katie Taylor
As long as I still feel a passion for the sport and preparing for these big competitions, I will carry on fighting.
Katie Taylor
It's the training that's the hardest. It's the preparation. The months and months of preparation that nobody really sees, that's the hardest part.
Katie Taylor
I've boxed many people in their own backyard plenty of times - in China, I boxed a Chinese girl in the final of the world championships, and I've boxed Russians before in their home nation as well.
Katie Taylor
I think every fight is a tough fight, but I'm not settling for a bronze medal.
Katie Taylor

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