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Lara Flynn Boyle
Lara Flynn Boyle at the 42nd Emmy Awards - Governor's Ball in September 1990
Born (1970-03-24) March 24, 1970 (age 46)
Davenport, Iowa, U.S.
Alma mater The Chicago Academy for the Arts
Occupation Actress
Years active 1987–2014
Spouse(s) John Patrick Dee III (m. 1996; div. 1998)
Donald Ray Thomas II (m. 2006)

You know, the bigger you get and the more success you have, the more people you can fill your house with to tell you how great you are. You can do that.
Lara Flynn Boyle
Have I seen The Commitments? I was obsessed with that movie. I just watched it again about two weeks ago.
Lara Flynn Boyle
I spent every day just praying that I didn't look like a big dork on camera.
Lara Flynn Boyle
Men love it. They have a sense of humor, whereas a lot of women are threatened or just don't get it.
Lara Flynn Boyle
But Tommy Lee Jones is just smooth. He's just the real deal. I'm captivated by him because there's so little of that in Hollywood, and he just embodies it.
Lara Flynn Boyle
I know that I'm getting the real deal with my mom. I know that she's telling it like it is. She's proud of me when I've earned it and she's disappointed in me when I've earn that. She's really my spectrum on where I am as a person.
Lara Flynn Boyle
That's what the holidays are for - for one person to tell the stories and another to dispute them. Isn't that the Irish way?
Lara Flynn Boyle
It is a great compliment to go out and be recognized. Although, because I basically go home and go to work, there isn't much opportunity for that kind of thing to happen.
Lara Flynn Boyle
I think the institution of marriage is a great idea, but for me it's just an idea.
Lara Flynn Boyle
I had such a great mom and I know that I'd never be that mom. I wouldn't want to bring a child into this world unless I could be.
Lara Flynn Boyle
I remember doing the sex scene in Red Rock West. I had to kiss Nic Cage and then look like I was going down on him. And he couldn't do anything - he just had to lie there.
Lara Flynn Boyle
And while I might not always agree with the viewpoint I have to portray, because I play a district attorney, as an actress I can always tell myself that my character is trying to take the moral high ground.
Lara Flynn Boyle
I've dated men my age, younger than me and older. The only difference is the young ones are quicker at taking out the garbage.
Lara Flynn Boyle
I am very fortunate to have a career. I always have to act. I don't know if I'll have a career to support it for the rest of my life, but I know I'll always act.
Lara Flynn Boyle

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