Quotes by: Laurell K. Hamilton

Laurell Kaye Hamilton
Born Laurell Kaye Klein
(1963-02-19) February 19, 1963 (age 53)
Heber Springs, Arkansas, US
Pen name Laurell K. Hamilton
Occupation Writer, Novelist
Nationality American
Alma mater Indiana Wesleyan University
Period 1993–present
Genre Fantasy, Erotica, Romance, Horror, Science fiction
Notable works Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter
Merry Gentry series
Spouse Gary Hamilton
Jonathon Green
Children Trinity

Readers respond to every genre intensely, if it's a genre that appeals to them. Again, who can say why anyone enjoys horror and dark fantasy? If I can't answer the question for myself, I wouldn't dream of trying to answer it for others.
Laurell K. Hamilton
I'm more influenced by my own interests than anyone else's. Writers have to entertain themselves, or they can't entertain anyone else.
Laurell K. Hamilton
Perfection is an unattainable goal. It isn't going to be perfect. Just get words down on paper, and when you stumble to what you think is the end of the book, you will have hundreds of pages of words that came out of your head. It may not be perfect, but it looks like a book.
Laurell K. Hamilton
It was just you had to be strong, and if you weren't strong you're a victim and you're not going to make it. That was the reality when I was growing up.
Laurell K. Hamilton
Some people just don't seem to understand the concept of fiction. It is fiction; it ain't true, folks.
Laurell K. Hamilton
When sex is necessary for the plot of a book, or a character development, then I don't shy away from it. Why should I?
Laurell K. Hamilton
I feel that if you are blessed, or lucky enough, to be doing well, you should help others.
Laurell K. Hamilton
If people would write exactly what I wanted to read I wouldn't feel so compelled to write myself.
Laurell K. Hamilton
I started off like everyone else does, slogging but having a compulsion to put words on paper. I didn't write or read horror or fantasy, other than children's fantasy, until I was in my teens.
Laurell K. Hamilton
I cannot say how strongly I object to people using other people's writing as research. Research is non-fiction, especially for horror, fantasy, science fiction. Do not take your research from other people's fiction. Just don't.
Laurell K. Hamilton
Two things I do well in books are sex and violence, but I don't want gratuitous sex or violence. The sex and violence are only as graphic as need be. And never included unless it furthers the plot or character development.
Laurell K. Hamilton
I like conventions. I like meeting and greeting. I'm perched on that edge where I'm getting more attention than I quite know what to do with, though.
Laurell K. Hamilton
Nothing wrong with making money or doing what you need to do to sell, but I think it shows when you're writing something to pay the bills and when you're writing something because it's really your version of the world.
Laurell K. Hamilton
By 17, I was submitting to publications and collecting my first rejection slips.
Laurell K. Hamilton
If you're open to it, New Orleans will teach you about yourself, but if you want to hide from who you really are, the city will help you do that, too.
Laurell K. Hamilton
I love animals, always have, and it seemed natural to help the ASPCA. Animals have no voice of their own, so we have to be that voice.
Laurell K. Hamilton
I went to Marion College for writing and I was kicked out of the writing school. I was asked to leave the writing program because I was corrupting the other students.
Laurell K. Hamilton
What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in New Orleans, goes home with you.
Laurell K. Hamilton
I've lost track of the number of people who want to be writers but never actually write anything. Talking about writing, dreaming about writing, can be very fun, but it won't get a book written. You've got to write.
Laurell K. Hamilton
Most of the monsters... are based on some sort of mythology. Every culture and even some geographical areas have monsters and mythology that is their own.
Laurell K. Hamilton

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