Quotes by: M. Stanton Evans

M. Stanton Evans
Born Medford Stanton Evans
(1934-07-20)July 20, 1934
Kingsville, Texas, US
Died March 3, 2015(2015-03-03) (aged 80)
Leesburg, Virginia, US
Occupation Writer
Alma mater Yale University
Period 1951–2015
Genre Nonfiction
Subject Politics, History
Literary movement Conservative
Notable works Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies
Notable awards Honorary doctorates: Syracuse University, John Marshall Law School, Grove City College, Francisco Marroquín University; two Freedom Foundation awards: editorial writing; National Headliners Club Award: “consistently outstanding editorial pages”; William F. Buckley Jr. Award for Media Excellence (Media Research Center); Reed Irvine award for excellence in journalism (Accuracy in Media); Barbara Olson Award for Excellence & Independence in Journalism (American Spectator); John M. Ashbrook Award (Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs); Regnery Award for Distinguished Institutional Service (Intercollegiate Studies Institute); four George Washington medals (Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania)
Spouse Sue Ellen Moore (m. 1962; div. 1974)

I tell my students, even if you are an opinion journalist, your opinion should be based on facts.
M. Stanton Evans
Under the new government of the Constitution, beginning in 1789, all of the peacetime measures were repeated: chaplains, prayers, memorials of Thanksgiving, the Northwest Ordinance, funding for the Christian education of Indians.
M. Stanton Evans
The latter 1940s and early '50s were a time of tense, explosive conflict, in the world at large and in the politics of our nation.
M. Stanton Evans
I call it the 'House of Reprehensibles.' We don't have any real political resistance to this growth of the domestic state across the board. So I'm much more focused on that than on the Patriot Act, which is a real effort, however inept, to deal with a real problem.
M. Stanton Evans
Containment, as everyone will recall, was a rough plan for stopping the Communists any time they crossed a certain line dividing our half of the world from theirs.
M. Stanton Evans
The demand that school finances be transferred away from local school districts to the state and/or federal government has been a long-time favorite of the educationist lobbies.
M. Stanton Evans
Every congressional committee that does an investigation has documents, papers and things that it collects in the course of that investigation - the backup to everything it does.
M. Stanton Evans
Demands for equal financing of sewers, streets, and garbage collection would make more sense than proposals for equal financing of the schools, since some plausible connection may be inferred between the amount of money expended, e.g., for roads, and the quality of service resulting to the taxpayer.
M. Stanton Evans
Soviet expansionism in Europe, the battle for control of China, and the 1950 invasion of South Korea would shatter once-euphoric dreams of post-war cooperation with the Kremlin.
M. Stanton Evans
Annie Lee Moss was a black woman who worked for the Army as a code clerk in the Pentagon. She was identified by an undercover agent of the FBI as a member of the Communist Party. Moss denied it, the Democrats sprang to her defense, and she has been treated ever since as an innocent victim of McCarthy.
M. Stanton Evans
I entered Yale in the fall of 1951, and about November of that year, Bill Buckley published 'God and Man at Yale.'
M. Stanton Evans
In 1775, no fewer than nine colonies had established churches, ranging from Congregational establishments in New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts to Episcopal churches in the southern states from Maryland on down.
M. Stanton Evans
Tax cuts are like sex: When they are good, they are very, very good. And when they are bad, they are still pretty good.
M. Stanton Evans
From the beginning, the Continental Congress had official chaplains, prayers, and days of fasting and Thanksgiving. When sessions opened in 1774, fear was voiced that the religious diversity of the country would make it hard to choose a form of worship.
M. Stanton Evans
I didn't agree with what Joe McCarthy was trying to do, but I sure did admire his methods.
M. Stanton Evans
It is fast becoming an article of political faith that financing America's public schools by way of the local property tax is a shame and a civic scandal.
M. Stanton Evans
As is well known, 'McCarthyism' was an alleged focus of political evil in the 1950s: Accusations of Communist taint, without factual basis; bogus lists of supposed Communists who never existed; failure in the end to produce even one provable Communist or Soviet agent, despite his myriad charges of subversion.
M. Stanton Evans
When you get older, two things happen to you. You begin to lose your hearing, and I forget what the other one is.
M. Stanton Evans
The trouble with conservatives is that too many of them come to Washington thinking they are going to drain the swamp, only to discover that Washington is a hot tub.
M. Stanton Evans
If inequalities of taxable wealth backing up a government service are construed as denying equality before the law, then there is no solution but to have every government service whatever financed out of Washington.
M. Stanton Evans
A document was drafted in the State Department in July 1946 by an official named Samuel Klaus. This indicated that there were then 20 alleged Soviet agents, 13 alleged Communists, about a dozen sympathizers, and about 75 suspects in the department, according to the FBI.
M. Stanton Evans
I've written a lot of books in my time, and to write a book about Joe McCarthy and have some of the major media paying attention, I'm not used to that.
M. Stanton Evans
When 'our people' get to the point where they can do us some good, they stop being 'our people.'
M. Stanton Evans

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