Quotes by: Maddie Ziegler

I love snacks, but I'm kind of growing out of them. I'm getting into fruit and Clif Bars.
Maddie Ziegler
When I came back from filming the 'Chandelier' video, everyone was like, 'So what'd you wear? What did the room look like? How many chandeliers were there?' And I was like, 'Well, I wore a blond wig, a nude leotard, the room was dirty, and there was no chandelier.'
Maddie Ziegler
You have to stay in shape for dance. I don't want to be too skinny, but I don't want to be overweight. I want to be in the middle.
Maddie Ziegler
When I'm not dancing, I usually just like to keep it comfy. Even if I'm just going to dinner, I'll wear jeans or something, but if I'm not dancing, I usually just have a comfy outfit on.
Maddie Ziegler
Before I go to bed, I brush my teeth and take off all my makeup. I like to use Neutrogena's makeup remover wipes.
Maddie Ziegler
On a scale of one to 10, I feel I'm at a nine because there's definitely room for improvement. I know I could go further.
Maddie Ziegler
I don't want to be known as just a 'Dance Moms' competitor. I'd really like to be known for all of Sia's work, too.
Maddie Ziegler
I started with ballet, and once I started to really like it, I got into more - I did jazz and tap, and then kept going.
Maddie Ziegler
I've been dancing since the age of two. I don't really remember it, because I was little, but my mom signed me up and would put me in cute costumes. A lot of little girls get into dancing, but I loved it so much that I kept doing it.
Maddie Ziegler
I met Drew Barrymore, and she was so cool. She told me, 'I know I just had my baby three weeks ago, and that's why I'm emotional, but I cried when you performed.' And then she pulled out a tissue and said, 'Look, I was sobbing.'
Maddie Ziegler
It's hard to do a reality show when there's so much crying and drama.
Maddie Ziegler
I love dancing just because I've done it my whole life and it's definitely what I want to do. I feel like, I want to train with acting and do movies. Those two are my main priorities. I definitely want to be able to sing and model, too. I definitely love those, too.
Maddie Ziegler
I usually get home from dance at 10 every night, and I'll watch TV for about 30 minutes, and then I'll go to bed.
Maddie Ziegler
I don't feel that normal anymore because I get recognised, even when I'm just trying to have fun or going to get ice cream with my friends.
Maddie Ziegler
I like Sprite a lot, but I try not to drink it. My mom doesn't want me to drink Sprite because it's unhealthy. So she always has me drink water, but it's hard not to!
Maddie Ziegler
I like Disney Channel a lot, and I also like to watch 'Full House.'
Maddie Ziegler
With 'Dance Moms' in L.A., we film on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. When we film in Pittsburgh, we film the same days, but we still dance in our studio when we're not filming, so I'm dancing every day except Sunday.
Maddie Ziegler

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