Quotes by: Mahesh Babu

Siva is one of the best writers in the industry, and 'Srimanthudu' is a great script.
Mahesh Babu
My father is my idol, and I have grown up watching his films. He is my biggest influence and inspiration. I have learnt a lot from him, and I am who I am because of him. I'm extremely grateful to him for that.
Mahesh Babu
Initially, when I joined Twitter, I was active. But, later, I felt that whatever I was tweeting or saying on a social platform turned out to be a little boring.
Mahesh Babu
'Bramhotsavam' is a celebration of families, life and togetherness. It's a film I hold close to my heart.
Mahesh Babu
On the clothes front, I have a designer who sits with the director for each film to chalk out a look for me based on the script.
Mahesh Babu
Whenever I deliver a hit, I can see a glow on my father's face. Sometimes, I think he turns 10 to 15 years younger when I deliver a hit.
Mahesh Babu
Since my father was a superstar, without me knowing it, I became a child star, as my father's entire fan base liked me, and I can't thank my father enough for this, as it was so effortless.
Mahesh Babu
'Srimanthudu' is a film very close to my heart. It's my first production, and I'm more than happy with its performance at the box office.
Mahesh Babu
Over the years, I have worked very hard to achieve what I have so far. But I've not been alone in this journey. A lot of the credit for this goes to my fans - it's because of them that I'm here today.
Mahesh Babu
'Srimanthudu' was very important for me and my career at that time, so I was tensed. But for 'Brahmotsavam,' honestly speaking, I am more excited because of its content. I have attempted something new, and I am keen to see how the audience receives it.
Mahesh Babu
Over the years, with all the experience, I've become more mature about the subjects I pick. I have a better understanding of what works at the box office. Once the story is finalised, I surrender to the director and follow him. After that, my performances speak for themselves.
Mahesh Babu
When my film flops, I believe it is my mistake. There have been times when I didn't come out of my house because my films didn't do well. I lock myself in for months. I don't talk to people. I feel bad for producer, director, for those who lost money. It's never about myself or my career alone.
Mahesh Babu
Directing a film requires a different set of skills. It is a difficult job, and I am happy being an actor.
Mahesh Babu
The only thing I have learnt over the years is that if you enjoy your work and put in the best efforts, it will show. If you follow this process, things work out. But if you go chasing a formula, success will elude you.
Mahesh Babu
I was 13 - 14 when I first tasted stardom. In the summer holidays, my dad made me act in these films that went on to become superhits. I became a child star.
Mahesh Babu
First and foremost, I look for a great script. Then, the team that I am working with. Only then, we will be able to come up with a good film.
Mahesh Babu

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