Quotes by: Mahmoud Darwish

Mahmoud Darwish
Mahmoud Darwish at Bethlehem University, (2006).
Native name محمود درويش
Born 13 March 1941
al-Birwa, British Mandate of Palestine
Died 9 August 2008(2008-08-09) (aged 66)
Houston, Texas, United States
Occupation Poet and writer
Nationality Palestinian
Ethnicity Arab
Period 1964–2008
Genre Poetry

The Palestinians are the only nation in the world that feels with certainty that today is better than what the days ahead will hold. Tomorrow always heralds a worse situation.
Mahmoud Darwish
Sarcasm helps me overcome the harshness of the reality we live, eases the pain of scars and makes people smile.
Mahmoud Darwish
Sometimes I feel as if I am read before I write. When I write a poem about my mother, Palestinians think my mother is a symbol for Palestine. But I write as a poet, and my mother is my mother. She's not a symbol.
Mahmoud Darwish
Exile is more than a geographical concept. You can be an exile in your homeland, in your own house, in a room.
Mahmoud Darwish
I am not a lover of Israel, of course. I have no reason to be. But I don't hate Jews.
Mahmoud Darwish
A person can only be born in one place. However, he may die several times elsewhere: in the exiles and prisons, and in a homeland transformed by the occupation and oppression into a nightmare.
Mahmoud Darwish
I don't decide to represent anything except myself. But that self is full of collective memory.
Mahmoud Darwish
The importance of poetry is not measured, finally, by what the poet says but by how he says it.
Mahmoud Darwish
The Arabs are ready to accept a strong Israel with nuclear arms - all it has to do is open the gates of its fortress and make peace.
Mahmoud Darwish
I've built my homeland, I've even founded my state - in my language.
Mahmoud Darwish
To be under occupation, to be under siege, is not a good inspiration for poetry.
Mahmoud Darwish
I believe in the power of poetry, which gives me reasons to look ahead and identify a glint of light.
Mahmoud Darwish
When a writer declares that his first book is his best, that is bad. I progress successively from book to book.
Mahmoud Darwish
Poetry and beauty are always making peace. When you read something beautiful you find coexistence; it breaks walls down.
Mahmoud Darwish
Against barbarity, poetry can resist only by confirming its attachment to human fragility like a blade of grass growing on a wall while armies march by.
Mahmoud Darwish
Some people ask, 'How do you attract the young and so many different people when your poetry is complicated and different?' I say, 'My accomplishment is that my readers trust me and accept my suggestions for change.'
Mahmoud Darwish

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