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Majora Carter
Born (1966-10-27) October 27, 1966 (age 50)
South Bronx, New York, United States
Residence South Bronx, NY
Nationality USA
Education Bronx High School of Science
Wesleyan University
New York University
Occupation Real Estate Developer, Public Radio Host and Economic Diversity Advocate
Title President, Majora Carter Group, LLC
Website http://www.majoracartergroup.com/

To me, charity often is just about giving, because you're supposed to, or because it's what you've always done - or it's about giving until it hurts.
Majora Carter
One thing I noticed working in the Bronx is that leaders come in the craziest places. They don't always show up at community board meetings. Sometimes it's just the guys on the corner that the boys on the block respect.
Majora Carter
Many people still believe that 'green' solutions are too expensive, but they are actually much cheaper when all of the costs to public health, social services, and waste handling are factored into the same equation.
Majora Carter
As a black person in America, I am twice as likely as a white person to live in an area where air pollution poses the greatest risk to my health. I am five times more likely to live within walking distance of a power plant or chemical facility - which I do.
Majora Carter
My real dream is that everybody will see their self-interest tied up with someone else, whether or not they see them, and see that as an opportunity for growing closer together as a culture and as a world.
Majora Carter
I am a local economic revitalization strategist. But I am also a TV/radio host, and a small business owner. I find ways to use money more efficiently to realize positive goals for everyone.
Majora Carter
Sustainable South Bronx advocates for environmental justice through sustainable environmental and economic development projects.
Majora Carter
Just because you have a piece of trash and you throw it away and it gets hauled away, it doesn't mean that it's not affecting someone else.
Majora Carter
What's popular in places considered ghettos - whether that's the inner city or Appalachia - is having a decent quality of life.
Majora Carter
We've got to decide that we want to live in a world that is sane and happy and healthy, and that everyone deserves that.
Majora Carter
Race and class are extremely reliable indicators as to where one might find the good stuff, like parks and trees, and where one might find the bad stuff, like power plants and waste facilities.
Majora Carter
You know, people understand fear and opportunity. It may look different, but it's really the same thing.
Majora Carter

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