Quotes by: Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika Arora
Born (1973-10-23) 23 October 1973 (age 43)
Thane, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Other names Malaika Khan
Malaika Arora
Occupation Actress, Dancer, Model, VJ, Television presenter
Years active 1997–present
Spouse(s) Arbaaz Khan (m. 1998; div. 2016)
Children Arhaan Khan (b. 2002)
Amrita Arora (sister) Salman Khan (brother-in-law) Sohail Khan (brother-in-law) Salim Khan (father-in-law)

Dance and I are synonymous, and nobody can take away dance from my life. Also, I cannot look at dance in an inert way; it's my passion, and I get keen on being part of any show or film that has dance!
Malaika Arora Khan
It's a lot of work to make a marriage work. Just because you have been married for a while doesn't mean you can sit back and relax. You still have to be on your toes. A marriage needs constant attention.
Malaika Arora Khan
I am the way I am. If you like me because I'm glamorous, so be it. If you like me, because I speak well or I have a brain and opinion, so be it.
Malaika Arora Khan
Mom still has a huge, beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The whole family comes together after midnight mass and has the traditional plum cake and wine. We spend the night at mom's home, and in the morning we wake up and open the presents. In the afternoon, we sit down to have a traditional Christmas lunch.
Malaika Arora Khan
I'm one of the lucky few who never had to face the whole 'Oh, you've had a baby, and now work will have to suffer' bit. It just wasn't a big deal when I got married and had a baby.
Malaika Arora Khan
I would say that, of course, it is wrong to objectify women. But at the same time, entertainment should not be inter-mingled with commodification.
Malaika Arora Khan
Everybody goes through a phase of fatigue, and I am no different. Re-inventing yourself in your profession is the key to deal with fatigue.
Malaika Arora Khan
I have always been clear that cinema is not my priority and that my family is.
Malaika Arora Khan
Everybody has a role or part to play; if somebody fits the bill, that is what matters.
Malaika Arora Khan
No matter where I am in the world, I will always be back home for Christmas.
Malaika Arora Khan
Over the years, I've learnt how to strike a balance between both my lives and give quality time to my passion as well as to my family. Yes, it is tiring at times, and every working woman goes through the phase.
Malaika Arora Khan
As a rule, all relationships go through their ups and downs. It's really about how much you want it.
Malaika Arora Khan
Everyone says romance goes flying out the window when you've been together for an X amount of time. I think it's all up to you.
Malaika Arora Khan
I would love to learn popping, locking and robotics, gymnastics and acrobatics; it is amazing to learn these things.
Malaika Arora Khan
I guess I'm a good manager now. Moreover, I'm loving the concept of donning the producer's hat. It's all very exciting as well as a great learning experience. You're a part of a film right from its conception to its execution, and that's an amazing feeling.
Malaika Arora Khan
Every year, like a good Catholic, I wait for Christmas. Putting up the lights, decorating the tree, making sweets and then unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning... it's a tradition my family has followed since I was very little.
Malaika Arora Khan
At the end of the day, TV is my first love. I started off my career from the small screen.
Malaika Arora Khan
I love the homely atmosphere of Indore and Bhopal. People here are very warm and affectionate.
Malaika Arora Khan
Even when I was modelling, I never had a mom sitting on my head and a bunch of people waiting on me. I've always been independent. I'll do my thing and go.
Malaika Arora Khan
I got married quite early. And then I had a son. I had a family. And this may be hard to believe, but I am a complete family kinda girl.
Malaika Arora Khan
For me, the spirit of Christmas means being happy and giving freely. It's a tradition for all the kids in the family to help mom decorate the tree. Christmas is all about family, eating, drinking and making merry.
Malaika Arora Khan

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