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Mandy Patinkin
Patinkin in 2008
Born Mandel Bruce Patinkin
(1952-11-30) November 30, 1952 (age 64)
Chicago, Illinois, US
Nationality American
Other names Mandel Bruce Patinkin, Mardy Marterson
Alma mater Juilliard School
Occupation Actor, singer, voice artist, comedian
Years active 1978–present
Spouse(s) Kathryn Grody (m. 1980)
Children 2
Website www.mandypatinkin.org

My inner motivation is to make the world a better place; the bad guy and the good guy think the same thing.
Mandy Patinkin
I didn't think of myself as a singer. I'm an actor who recites words, and sometimes that happens to be on musical notes.
Mandy Patinkin
I don't know what's going to happen in life, so I don't think it's fair that I know what's going to happen in 'Homeland.'
Mandy Patinkin
I'm a Jew. I'm fascinated by our culture and our history, by what made us the people we are. It influences every breath I take. It informs and guides me. Without it, I'd just be a vacuum.
Mandy Patinkin
But I loved the theatre and I was just doing theatre 24/7 and kept dropping courses because I didn't have the time and the chancellor thought that wasn't a good idea after awhile.
Mandy Patinkin
I don't want people to sit and process the song. I want them to just let them bathe over them.
Mandy Patinkin
If I hear a lie in my life with my children, with my wife, my work, my audiences, I want to annihilate myself, vaporize myself and wipe myself off the face of the earth.
Mandy Patinkin
I have no problem with violence, I have no problem playing horrible people.
Mandy Patinkin
I have the strength from my mother, the survivability. I have wonderful qualities from my mother - but please, Mother, forgive me - I heard judgment constantly about my father.
Mandy Patinkin
One of the greatest gifts that 'Homeland' has given me is it's affirming on a daily basis.
Mandy Patinkin
I moved to New York to go to Julliard Drama School. Didn't sing a single note of music.
Mandy Patinkin
We did a different show every night. We'd open a show, and then two weeks later we'd open the next show. And two weeks later we'd open the third show until we had all eight running. And it was just one of the richest experiences I'd ever had in my theatrical life.
Mandy Patinkin
I think it's fair to say I'm attracted to playing characters who are rather intense.
Mandy Patinkin
I try to say something about the human condition whenever I can when I'm lucky.
Mandy Patinkin
Well, I'm not a critic, I'm just a worker. So, I'm always grateful for anything the critics say - good or bad.
Mandy Patinkin
My sense of religion is Einstein's sense of relativity. I don't believe in God. I believe that energy never dies. So the possibility exists that you might be breathing in some other form of Moses or Buddha or Muhammad or Bobby Kennedy or Roosevelt or Martin Luther King or Jesus.
Mandy Patinkin
It's what Shakespeare's mission was - to illuminate our thoughts and struggles and bring about the possibility of getting the most we can out of a day as opposed to least in this brief moment we're here.
Mandy Patinkin
I guess I am sometimes over the top on stage, but then, that is my personality. I'm over the top in real life, too.
Mandy Patinkin
The way I like to work is to attach personal experiences to what I'm doing, so it helps tremendously if I can write my own play under what the writer has written.
Mandy Patinkin

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