Quotes by: Naftali Bennett

Haredi youth are smart, and they are going to bring a big benefit to the high-tech industry.
Naftali Bennett
Jews have been living in Jerusalem way before British people were living in London.
Naftali Bennett
I don't see any difference between Judea and Samaria and the rest of the country.
Naftali Bennett
We must continue building in all corners of the Land of Israel, with determination and without being confused.
Naftali Bennett
I'll remind you that the West signed a deal with North Korea, said it would make the world a safer place, and, of course, all the words evaporated, and North Korea acquired nuclear weapons.
Naftali Bennett
I am proud of religious Zionism. I am proud of the members of religious Zionism because it is a true ideological public.
Naftali Bennett
Things are expensive, very expensive in Israel for many reasons. One of the reasons is our ports. It's a monopoly. They run very poorly. And we have ships that are stuck in the ocean for three or four days or a week, and all that cost is transferred to the products and the consumer.
Naftali Bennett
What I'm working is for peace on ground between Israelis and Palestinians through business, through economy, through quality of life.
Naftali Bennett
I very much admire Uri Ariel. I think he's a man of principles, and effective, and I love him.
Naftali Bennett
Israel is not the safest place in the world for Jews. Melbourne in Australia is better. Teaneck, New Jersey, is safer.
Naftali Bennett
The Land of Israel goes with the Torah of Israel under the sovereignty of the State of Israel.
Naftali Bennett
Historically, the National Religious Party, which my party - Jewish Home - is built upon, has aligned itself in consecutive Israeli governments with the ultra-Orthodox factions.
Naftali Bennett
The biggest danger for any organism is to not identify that it's being threatened. I want to hope that people realize that the source of danger and risk in the Middle East is not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but the deep radical Islamic vision of forming a global caliphate.
Naftali Bennett
As soldiers in Israel's army, one of the most grueling training regimens we had to endure was a long march while carrying a comrade on a stretcher.
Naftali Bennett
The prime minister is not a private individual, but the leader of the Jewish State and the Jewish world as a whole.
Naftali Bennett

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