Quotes by: Nancy Gibbs

Nancy Gibbs
Gibbs at the LBJ Presidential Library, September 20, 2012
Born Nancy Reid Gibbs
January 25, 1960 (age 56)
New York City, New York, United States
Occupation Essayist, writer, editor
Nationality American

Right now, doctors can test for about 2,500 medical conditions, but they only can treat about 500 of those. So what do you do with the knowledge about the others?
Nancy Gibbs
Most professional women I know - myself included - long since gave up looking for a rulebook or a roadmap; we make it up as we go along. Every day presents a new choice, a new challenge, which makes long-term career planning seem like an especially abstract exercise.
Nancy Gibbs
There may be no less original idea than the notion that our hearts hold dominion over our heads.
Nancy Gibbs
When I was coming out of college, storytelling was very much something you did with pencil and paper, so the technological platform versatility, I think, is really valuable.
Nancy Gibbs
Years later, nothing makes me more grateful as a parent than my daughters' encounters with classroom wizards.
Nancy Gibbs
There are many things that matter much more than an editor's gender in shaping the direction of the leadership.
Nancy Gibbs
It's always been a luxury to be able to hop a plane to Paris, to Venice, to the Grand Canyon.
Nancy Gibbs
While many alien species are harmless, others pose expensive threats to seas and fields and forests.
Nancy Gibbs
A good president needs a big comfort zone. He should be able to treat enemies as opportunities, appear authentic in joy and grief, stay cool under the hot lights.
Nancy Gibbs
There was a time when researchers imagined that Plan B, or the morning-after pill, might become not an emergency form of contraception but a routine one; women would take it once a month to induce a period and never even know whether they had gotten pregnant.
Nancy Gibbs
Pain is the most private experience, but its causes, whether natural or man-made, demand public accounting.
Nancy Gibbs
As long as people have been making little people, they've wanted to know how not to.
Nancy Gibbs
The Reverend Jeremiah Wright would baptize Obama, perform his marriage to Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, baptize their daughters, and draw him into the raucous, restless family of faith that Obama had never known before.
Nancy Gibbs
The 1950s felt so safe and smug, the '60s so raw and raucous, the revolutions stacked one on top of another, in race relations, gender roles, generational conflict, the clash of church and state - so many values and vanities tossed on the bonfire, and no one had a concordance to explain why it was all happening at once.
Nancy Gibbs
In the weeks after 9/11, out of the pain and the fear there arose also grace and gratitude, eruptions of intense kindness that occurred everywhere, a sharp resolve to just be better, bigger, to shed the nonsense, rise to the occasion.
Nancy Gibbs
The days of the Pentagon Papers debates seem long past, when a sudden transparency yielded insight into fights over war and peace and freedom and security; the transparency afforded by Twitter and Facebook yields insights that extend no further than a lawmaker's boundless narcissism and a culture's pitiless prurience.
Nancy Gibbs
Most of us were probably less than immaculately honest as teenagers; it's practically encoded into adolescence that you savor your secrets, dress in disguise, carve out some space for experiments and accidents and all the combustible lab work of becoming who you are.
Nancy Gibbs
New Orleans lives by the water and fights it, a sand castle set on a sponge nine feet below sea level, where people made music from heartache, named their drinks for hurricanes and joked that one day you'd be able to tour the city by gondola.
Nancy Gibbs
Maybe we adults idealize our own red-rover days, the hot afternoons spent playing games that required no coaches, eating foods that involved no nutrition, getting dirty in whole new ways and rarely glancing in the direction of a screen of any kind.
Nancy Gibbs

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