Quotes by: Natalie Cole

I was pretty bad. When I first was diagnosed with kidney failure, my function - the function of my kidney was less than 8 percent.
Natalie Cole
When I sang my father's songs in concert, that was all people wanted to hear. I was always asking myself, 'Can I measure up?'
Natalie Cole
It's important to wallow and grieve when you have a health issue. I don't think you really get the best stuff out of life until you've had the worst stuff.
Natalie Cole
When you reach 50, what you care about is being honest, being accurate, and being an example.
Natalie Cole
I think foreign countries really do like it when American artists sing in their language. And when you go over there and say, 'Hi, how are you?' in their language, they love it. It makes them feel like you're doing it just for them. We in America take so much for granted.
Natalie Cole
I've always been an extremist. Some of us have very addictive personalities, and for some of us, that mechanism gets tripped up. Mine certainly did. I'm not cured. You never are. The recovery is a day-to-day process.
Natalie Cole
I would never do an album with 10 songs like 'Jump Start' on it. I'll only go so far to please fans.
Natalie Cole
If you don't have dialysis, absolutely, you will die. Dialysis is actually keeping me alive.
Natalie Cole
People say I look younger than the music I'm doing just because the songs are older. Hopefully I can keep my youthful look!
Natalie Cole
I was madly in love with Elvis Presley. Dad wasn't into it at all, at least not for himself as a performer. He used to say, 'Mr. Cole does not rock n' roll.'
Natalie Cole
We had some wonderful people raising us, but they still weren't our parents. As you get older, it gets distorted and convoluted, complicated, and, of course, you start looking for attention, affection, affinity in all the wrong places and in all the wrong ways.
Natalie Cole
By the time I approached my forties, I had the self-assurance to approach all the genres I love so deeply: R & B, rock, jazz, and pop.
Natalie Cole
My idols are Janis Joplin and Annie Lennox, who are neither of them from the typical pop culture.
Natalie Cole
I think that talented people really do have insecurities, and that is one of the things that kind of motivates them, because that's one thing they know they're good at. And when they're up on that stage, you can do no wrong. The audience is yours; they're there to see you.
Natalie Cole
I was pretty young, but because of that first record, 'Cole Espanol,' we took our first trip - well, my first trip - to Mexico.
Natalie Cole
I'd sometimes fly for 14 hours, then go straight to dialysis. I spent a little time being tired, but we managed. I'm not a pity-party person.
Natalie Cole
There were so many groups that I had in college, but I was always the solo singer. But what made it so unusual back in the day was that I was a black girl playing with all these white musicians, and I was also singing rock music on top of it.
Natalie Cole

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