Quotes by: Nathan Fielder

Nathan Fielder
Born (1983-05-12) May 12, 1983 (age 33)
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Medium Stand up, television
Years active 2006–present
Genres Alternative comedy, dry comedy, deadpan, dry wit
Notable works and roles This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Nathan for You, Bob's Burgers
Website NathanFielder.com

I just don't have this magnetic personality that everyone is drawn to. I don't make friends easily... I'm just not one of those people.
Nathan Fielder
It's much funnier when the comedy can happen with me just trying my best to genuinely do a good thing.
Nathan Fielder
Social interactions have always been a bit of a difficult thing for me. I think I have a natural tendency to make people not 100 percent super comfortable.
Nathan Fielder
The type of thing that one person would get mad at, another person would laugh at, is a good kind of zone to be in.
Nathan Fielder
I seem to get into situations that make people laugh, but I don't consider myself that funny of a person. I'm not witty. I'm kind of slow in conversations. I'm not that articulate with jokes. The first time I made stuff and screened it for an audience, I was surprised what people were laughing at.
Nathan Fielder
Dramas make me laugh. The other day, I saw 'The Place Beyond the Pines,' and I was giggling the whole time. I laugh when I'm uncomfortable.
Nathan Fielder
I have a business background. I have always wanted to open my own business.
Nathan Fielder
Once in a while, I do these things that would make the 10-year old version of me laugh. I don't know why. You've got to do something a little bit immature. I'm surprised at how often those are my best ideas.
Nathan Fielder
If I find something funny and make an older woman laugh, I love that for some reason.
Nathan Fielder
A lot of the time, people think I'm really dumb or really uncomfortable talking to them, which is kind of a real thing.
Nathan Fielder
It's weird. I don't really have goals. I just try to make sure I'm enjoying what I'm doing. Once I start to get sick of it, the next thing becomes obvious.
Nathan Fielder
I'm very bad at ending sentences. A lot times I just want to say, 'That's the end of my sentence. I have nothing more to say.'
Nathan Fielder
I don't like getting people upset, so that's not my goal. But I like putting people in situations where how they respond says a lot about them.
Nathan Fielder
I used to trade stocks online, and I kind of felt gross, like, all I'm doing is making money off other people's creativity, and I'm not creating anything myself.
Nathan Fielder
I auditioned for 'The Office,' and I don't know if it was a role I could do, but I liked the character. You do one take, and you're reading with a person who's just sitting in a chair and not really... you're not playing off someone, which is what I like to do. I like to play around and find the moment.
Nathan Fielder
I'm not into things that feel like a sequel. There's just something magical about when something happens for the first time.
Nathan Fielder
I loved theatre and did magic, too, but I was never the best at it - there was never a teacher saying, 'You're great, you have to make this your career!' I was good at science and math. I figured I'd go into science and become a dentist.
Nathan Fielder

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