Quotes by: Nell Carter

Nell Carter
Born Nell Ruth Hardy
(1948-09-13)September 13, 1948
Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.
Died January 23, 2003(2003-01-23) (aged 54)
Beverly Hills, California, U.S.
Cause of death Heart disease complicated by diabetes
Resting place Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery
Nationality American
Other names Nell Ruth Carter
Nell-Ruth Carter
Education A. H. Parker High School
Occupation Actress, singer
Years active 1970–2003
Known for Gimme A Break!
Spouse(s) George Krynicki (m. 1982–92)
Roger Larocque (m. 1992–93)
Partner(s) Ann Kaser
Children 3

There's nothing worse than working with an orchestra who looks down on working with a conductor who doesn't want to conduct for you. You need to be with an orchestra that can follow you and respect you.
Nell Carter
I've managed to completely reeducate myself into making eating secondary. I used to eat all the time because the food was there. Now I feel like a kid in school who is gaining points for behaving. And I love myself for it.
Nell Carter
I wish that people could understand that people need to laugh. They need to sing. They need to create their own joie de vivre.
Nell Carter
I think when you're happy, emotions are right near the top - mine definitely are. I cry easily, I laugh easily, I lose my temper easily... and I beg for forgiveness easily.
Nell Carter
I searched for answers to life's meaning and, though I was raised a Presbyterian, I converted to Judaism around 1983.
Nell Carter
Of all the unhappiness I went through, you must know I wouldn't live a moment of my life differently for what I have now. Would I do it all again? I wouldn't want to, but if it got me to the same place, yeah, I'd do it. Because I realize now that God would not give more than I could handle.
Nell Carter
'Gimme a Break' ran for six years and gave me the kind of money and freedom that I'd dreamed would make me happy. It didn't.
Nell Carter
I was a weirdo to want to be in show business. Most kids wanted to be teachers or nurses.
Nell Carter
I have my own definition of God, but I believe God is whatever you want Him to be.
Nell Carter
I always look forward to getting back East. I miss the cold weather and the Jewish delis.
Nell Carter
I think music and laughter are the two things that can keep you alive. Someone who is really depressed, tell them a joke, and they may come out of it for even just a moment. Or play them something.
Nell Carter
Whenever I work, I'm never really happy. I'm always second-guessing.
Nell Carter
Being diabetic was not what I thought of as being normal, and I feared the stigma of having to take medicine and having people stick me with a needle.
Nell Carter
I was a weirdo to want to be in show business. Most kids wanted to be teachers or nurses.
Nell Carter
All of us should do what we want and have to do. We can only limit ourselves.
Nell Carter

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