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Nicholas Kristof
Kristof at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on January 30, 2010
Born Nicholas Donabet Kristof
(1959-04-27) April 27, 1959 (age 57)
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Alma mater Harvard University
Magdalen College, Oxford
Occupation Journalist, author, columnist
Spouse(s) Sheryl WuDunn (m. 1988)
Website NYTimes:Kristof

The north of the Central African Republic is now a war zone, with rival armed bands burning villages, kidnapping children, robbing travelers and killing people with impunity.
Nicholas D. Kristof
It really is quite remarkable that Darfur has become a household name. I am gratified that's the case.
Nicholas D. Kristof
There are other issues I have felt more emotionally connected to, like China, where I lived and worked for some time. I was living there when Tiananmen Square erupted.
Nicholas D. Kristof
A few countries like Sri Lanka and Honduras have led the way in slashing maternal mortality.
Nicholas D. Kristof
The bulk of the emails tend to come after a column. I can get about 2,000 after a column.
Nicholas D. Kristof
While Americans have heard of Darfur and think we should be doing more there, they aren't actually angry at the president about inaction.
Nicholas D. Kristof
The fact that people will pay you to talk to people and travel to interesting places and write about what intrigues you, I am just amazed by that.
Nicholas D. Kristof
You will be judged in years to come by how you responded to genocide on your watch.
Nicholas D. Kristof
Every year 3.1 million Indian children die before the age of 5, mostly from diseases of poverty like diarrhea.
Nicholas D. Kristof
You will be judged in years to come by how you responded to genocide on your watch.
Nicholas D. Kristof
The conflict in Darfur could escalate to where we're seeing 100,000 victims per month.
Nicholas D. Kristof
Abortion politics have distracted all sides from what is really essential: a major aid campaign to improve midwifery, prenatal care and emergency obstetric services in poor countries.
Nicholas D. Kristof
All of a sudden their husband's dead and maybe a child is dead and they have absolutely nothing - and they're heading through the desert at night.
Nicholas D. Kristof
I think it's dangerous to be optimistic. Things could go terribly wrong virtually overnight.
Nicholas D. Kristof
The U.N. Population Fund has a maternal health program in some Cameroon hospitals, but it doesn't operate in this region. It's difficult to expand, because President Bush has cut funding.
Nicholas D. Kristof
Most of the villagers were hiding in the bush, where they were dying from bad water, malaria and malnutrition.
Nicholas D. Kristof
We all might ask ourselves why we tune in to these more trivial matters and tune out when it comes to Darfur.
Nicholas D. Kristof
There seems to be this sense among even well-meaning Americans that Africa is this black hole of murder and mutilation that can never be fixed, no matter what aid is brought in.
Nicholas D. Kristof
If President Bush is serious about genocide, an immediate priority is to stop the cancer of Darfur from spreading further, which means working with France to shore up Chad and the Central African Republic.
Nicholas D. Kristof
There isn't a political price to be paid yet for doing nothing. People need to get upset with President Bush. People need to get upset with their Congressmen.
Nicholas D. Kristof

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