Quotes by: Nicholas Haslam

Nicholas Haslam
Born Nicholas Ponsonby Haslam
(1939-09-27) 27 September 1939 (age 77)
Great Hundridge Manor, Buckinghamshire, England
Other names Nicky
Education Eton College
Occupation Interior designer, writer, singer, blogger
Employer NH Design Inc.
Website NH Design

You can learn the subtle language of interior style, but many people simply buy it. If you put yourself in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing, you can be confident it will look good.
Nicholas Haslam
I'd like not to have these great puffy lobes on my ears - I'd like them to taper in.
Nicholas Haslam
I didn't want to look distinguished; I wanted to look fun, and also to fade into the street, into the King's Road. If I don't fade into a room at White's, that's fine. My father was chairman of Brooks' and the Beefsteak, and I was brought up in that life, and it bores me rigid.
Nicholas Haslam
I don't feel I have to charm somebody, I feel I want to know them; it's a different thing.
Nicholas Haslam
I have a thirst - it's an awful word, but I'm thirsty for knowledge. I like knowing things, the odder the better, the more obtuse the better.
Nicholas Haslam
Vanity is not having facelifts if you're ugly. Those people who say: 'Oh, I'd never dream of having anything done!' That's rude. It's rude, to other people, to not try and look your best; to not try and stir things up, to not reinvent... or just invent... it's one's duty to not get stuffy.
Nicholas Haslam
I rent a Jacobean-fronted hunting lodge in Hampshire from the National Trust and like to go there as much as possible. I've grown to love it so much, especially when writing my memoirs there at weekends.
Nicholas Haslam
People think that buying something for their home which is up-to-date is chic, but often it's a cliche. I call people who simply give clients the current 'thing' stylists not decorators.
Nicholas Haslam
I don't do nostalgia. The phrase 'the good old days' never passes my lips.
Nicholas Haslam
I believe every room speaks, tells you what to do to it. You have to listen to that.
Nicholas Haslam
I've never paid attention to politics. I only have the vaguest notion of what the IRA is.
Nicholas Haslam
I tend to look out for things with a resonance to my youth - artists or objects that seemed romantic all those years ago. I never buy anything purely for its value. I like possessions that smile back at me.
Nicholas Haslam
It's rude to not try and look up-to-date. Is rude the right word? Yes! It's rude - rude to other people.
Nicholas Haslam
I had a face-lift, and I would have another if I needed one. It definitely changed my life. I'm not vain. In fact I don't like looking at myself. The face-lift was just about looking rested.
Nicholas Haslam
Most English houses, grand or small, nestle in an intimate pastoral setting.
Nicholas Haslam

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