Quotes by: Nicholas Stoller

The worst thing you can do is animate something and then throw it out because it doesn't work story-wise.
Nicholas Stoller
When the photographer is nearby, I like to say, 'Quick, get a photo of me looking into the camera,' because I'm never looking into the camera. Christopher Nolan looks into the camera, but I think most directors don't, so whenever you see a picture of a director looking at the camera, it's fake.
Nicholas Stoller
A big part of being in a relationship or marriage or whatever is you have to eventually compromise. Your life doesn't end up exactly the way you think it's going to, and if it's the right relationship, you might have to compromise what you're doing professionally.
Nicholas Stoller
There are so few good comedy sequels. The only one in recent memory that's good is '22 Jump Street.' It's a hard genre.
Nicholas Stoller
I love watching how people who are in love with each other deal with each other. Every time I've had a fight with an ex-girlfriend, at the time they're horrible, but when I look back they're often funny and weird, and that kind of stuff makes me laugh.
Nicholas Stoller
I'm not into sports, and politics is kind of my sport. I love talking about it and debating it and getting into it. I also think people on both sides of the aisle have real exaggerated, incorrect views of the other side, and that is fascinating to me.
Nicholas Stoller
The two times I had nervous breakdowns in my life were when I graduated from college and had my first kid.
Nicholas Stoller
It's really weird casting babies; it's kind of the dark underbelly of Hollywood, to meet babies and judge them.
Nicholas Stoller
The frustrations and joys of parenthood are just hard to understand until you have a kid... the constant fight you're having with yourself, like loving being with your kid but also being kind of bored and wanting to look at your iPhone - it's kind of an interesting thing that's hard to write about before you've experienced it.
Nicholas Stoller
R-rated comedies make as much money as PG-13. And I think the audiences wanna be shocked. Especially with comedy.
Nicholas Stoller
I watched all kinds of dirty movies as a kid. My parents were very liberal about that, and I was still an uber-nerd who never drank or did drugs. I don't think it matters.
Nicholas Stoller
You just never know with movies how they'll be seen in a few years. You have no idea. Like, movies that were super popular when they came out have been forgotten. And other movies - and I put 'Sarah Marshall' in this - kind of weirdly stand the test of time a little bit.
Nicholas Stoller
I just watched 'Lethal Weapon' for the first time, and it's awesome... and so violent! Mel is out of his mind in that movie. Although now we know he's just insane - he was very much in his mind.
Nicholas Stoller
If you're engaged more than a year, there's something up. There's lot of debate as to whether one should or shouldn't get married, but when you get engaged, it's a promise to get married, and if you don't just do it within a year, one of the parties is using the excuse of, like, 'I can't find the right venue' to put off the wedding.
Nicholas Stoller

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