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Olga Kurylenko
Kurylenko at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival, February 2015
Born Olga Kostiantinovna Kurylenko
(1979-11-14) 14 November 1979 (age 37)
Berdiansk, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
Residence London, UK
Citizenship French
Occupation Actress
Years active 1995–present
Spouse(s) Cedric van Mol (2000–2004)
Damian Gabrielle (2006–2007)
Partner(s) Max Benitz
Children 1
Modeling information
Height 176 cm (5 ft 9 in)

On a Terrence Malick set, your thoughts are his voice. You think you're thinking, but actually he's thinking for you. He speaks to you, and he's the voice in your mind.
Olga Kurylenko
I love Parisian hotels. I usually stay in either Le Bristol, which is gorgeous, or Hotel Paris Rivoli, which is very French and feels like a step back in time. I also love the luxury of Waldorf Astoria hotels.
Olga Kurylenko
I don't like the mentality that comes with rich Russian men. Because they have money, they think they can buy a woman - and they do.
Olga Kurylenko
We were born and we die. In between, I think we try to live as best we can.
Olga Kurylenko
If a man can make me laugh and stimulate me intellectually, then I wouldn't mind if he was 4 ft. 8 in. with a huge belly. The only thing that would put me off is bad breath - but even that can be fixed. A bad personality isn't so easy to fix.
Olga Kurylenko
In Paris, everybody is in black! But you know, in Ukraine everyone wears bright colours.
Olga Kurylenko
I'd love to work with David Lynch. I'm such a big fan. He's a genius.
Olga Kurylenko
I don't see divorce as a failure. I see it as the end to a story. In a story, everything has an end and a beginning.
Olga Kurylenko
My life is not that glamorous. I actually live a pretty simple life, really. I just work. I don't have time to do all these glamorous things. I just do my thing, just work.
Olga Kurylenko
It is true that women in Paris never put on make-up. It shocked me when I first got there - then I realised how much I liked it.
Olga Kurylenko
I think I'll be single my whole life. It's entirely possible I'm going to end up alone. Because I don't want to make any sacrifices for my own development and achieving what I want to achieve, and I don't want a family to get in the way of that.
Olga Kurylenko
I've seen guys sit the whole day doing nothing, and I hate it when people are unproductive. I don't like a guy who sits on the couch all day.
Olga Kurylenko
With modelling, you provide an image that is fake; with acting you have to provide an image that's real.
Olga Kurylenko
What I love about sci-fi is that every generation's films are based on what we know at that point in time. We make movies about the future but it's always based on what we have. Then as science grows and we discover new things, so do our ideas. You know?
Olga Kurylenko
Balconies scare me, and I would never do a shoot on one. I am afraid of heights.
Olga Kurylenko
Every actor has to move in a Terrence Malick film - that's the requirement. If you stop, he'll tell you, 'No, no, keep moving.' You can't be static. It's a choreography.
Olga Kurylenko
I believe in miracles. At the age of 13, I was on holiday in Moscow with my mother. It was the only trip I took in my whole childhood. We stepped off a metro train and were approached by a talent scout who told me that she wanted to sign me to her modeling agency.
Olga Kurylenko
My mom Marina and I were poor and hungry. We could sometimes not afford to eat - seriously. We lived together in a small town, called Berdyansk, in Ukraine. I was an only child. I don't think we would have survived if there had been more kids.
Olga Kurylenko
You know it's harder to be a girl in this world because we're the weaker sex.
Olga Kurylenko
Being single is only sad if you have a problem with your own company. I'm content with mine.
Olga Kurylenko

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