Quotes by: Oscar Isaac

I think it's the director's prerogative, not the studio's, to go back and reinvent a movie.
Oscar Isaac
I started off thinking that I just needed one shot to prove myself, but then I realised that I was only going to learn about acting by doing it.
Oscar Isaac
The first movie I can remember seeing in the theater was 'Return of the Jedi.' I can remember seeing Darth Vader's helmet come off. The shock of that moment.
Oscar Isaac
I played guitar and bass. I didn't do much vocals, although I did have one band where I was the lead singer. But that was when I was in college.
Oscar Isaac
'Drive' is a genre piece, and a lot of times we don't get really sophisticated genre films.
Oscar Isaac
My dad always played a lot of music, so I heard him playing all the time, and then I decided that I wanted to learn to play guitar, so I got an acoustic and started taking lessons. I wanted to be able to shred like Yngwie Malmsteen.
Oscar Isaac
It's nice to create a character, not just within two scenes, but within the journey of a whole movie. It's fun to do that.
Oscar Isaac
Our morality is based on so many factors: of where we were born, who we were born to, what values were instilled in us, what values we chose, the way that our lives have shaped us. That dictates so much of what we assume is our morality, and also the culture, all of these things.
Oscar Isaac
I've never been much of a guitarist. I mean, I've played forever, but I was always more of a rhythm kind of guy. I don't read music.
Oscar Isaac
I'm open to the idea of doing more musicals if it's one that I really enjoy.
Oscar Isaac
I started playing guitar at, like, 12 or 13 and just rock bands mostly. I had a punk rock band and hard core bands and all that.
Oscar Isaac
The better I am at observing moments in life, the better I'll be at showing them in my acting.
Oscar Isaac
I don't know if they were all functioning, but I did play in a bunch of bands.
Oscar Isaac
I always joked with my parents. I told them, 'If I don't make it as an actor, my fallback is musician.'
Oscar Isaac
I had an audition where Josh Brolin was pelting me with his personality. I didn't get the part.
Oscar Isaac
I don't know why people are so obsessed with finding out stuff before the movie comes out. It's so much more fun to just go. I mean, I don't do that. I don't go looking for stuff that I'm interested in, you know, to try and find out pictures and what the movie's about. It's so much more fun to be surprised.
Oscar Isaac
Usually when I write a song, I'll write the music and then kind of fit some words to it.
Oscar Isaac

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