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PJ Harvey
PJ Harvey at the O2 Apollo Manchester, on 8 September 2011
Background information
Birth name Polly Jean Harvey
Also known as Polly Harvey
Born (1969-10-09) 9 October 1969 (age 47)
Bridport, Dorset, England
Alternative rock punk blues art rock indie rock folk rock experimental rock
Musician singer-songwriter composer artist writer poet actress
Vocals, guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, autoharp, saxophone, violin, cello, harmonica, drums, percussion
Years active 1988–present
Too Pure Island (PolyGram) Island (UMG)
Associated acts Automatic Dlamini, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Tricky, Sparklehorse, John Parish, Desert Sessions, Marianne Faithfull, Mark Lanegan, Mick Harvey, Thom Yorke
Website pjharvey.net
Notable instruments
Gretsch Broadkaster, Gibson Firebird VII, Eastwood Airline '59 Custom EP, Oscar Schmidt electric autoharp (12 bar)

My mother and father are very involved with music. It's completely part of their soul. They have an incredible record collection, all vinyl, of some of the best artists, in my eyes, that you can come across.
P. J. Harvey
I think that's always very valuable: to keep the mind open to receiving all sorts of information, which can then be used in my work, but also just as a human being.
P. J. Harvey
With songs I almost see the images, see the action, and then all I have to do is describe it. It's almost like watching a scene from a film, and that's what I go about trying to catch in a song.
P. J. Harvey
Maybe I'm just purely lucky. If I've come up against obstacles I've always found another way around it.
P. J. Harvey
I'm not an autobiographical writer, but I am a writer who deals with human emotion on all levels.
P. J. Harvey
I'm a very private person, so obviously I don't enjoy talking about more personal matters.
P. J. Harvey
I did photography, painting, and drawing, but I prefer sculpture. I like it because it's very physical.
P. J. Harvey
I work on words, mostly, toward them being poetry or short stories, and then some of those become songs. They all find their place in the world, but they all start off in the same place. I'm always painting and drawing as well, and it's an ongoing creative assignment.
P. J. Harvey
I'm probably much more influenced by film-makers and painters than I am by other songwriters or poets.
P. J. Harvey
I don't think that much anymore in terms of 'write a record, record a record, tour a record,' because in my own mind, things have changed, in that I'm just an ongoing artist. I'm not quite sure what the next project needs to be until it presents himself, and then I know. I just follow dutifully while I'm being led.
P. J. Harvey
In order to make my solo shows as interesting as possible, I moved songs onto very different instruments so that I was moving instruments quite a lot during the set.
P. J. Harvey
I'm a Libra. That means that I can make a decision, but only after much thought.
P. J. Harvey
I firmly disbelieve that one has to be a tortured soul to write good music.
P. J. Harvey
I think I'm a songwriter. I grab an instrument to make my body a song, but I'm not a player as such, maybe a little more on guitar, but certainly not piano.
P. J. Harvey
People like Howlin' Wolf, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, Nina Simone, Captain Beefheart - all of these artists were what I grew up listening to every day of my life. And there's a very healthy music scene in the west country of England, where I grew up.
P. J. Harvey
My father is actually a quarry man - he deals in stone. He also at one point had a lot of sheep, he owned a sheep farm, but primarily the family business was in stone.
P. J. Harvey
I've always felt that I'm affected by the world, by the way we treat each other, by the way different countries treat each other.
P. J. Harvey
I'd want to read the stories that I'd written, I'd want to show the drawings that I made. That was just purely natural. So I knew I wanted to go into the arts in some way and that I'd want to show that work in some way.
P. J. Harvey
I decide immediately if I like a person and if I do, then I'm myself, and if I don't, then I give nothing.
P. J. Harvey
There's so much you can do with laying words on a bed of music. You can completely change their meaning with the type of music or the way they're sung.
P. J. Harvey

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