Quotes by: Patrick Whitesell

Patrick Whitesell
Born (1965-02-04) February 4, 1965 (age 51)
Iowa Falls, Iowa
Residence Beverly Hills, California
Nationality United States
Alma mater Luther College (1987)
Occupation Talent agent
Organization William Morris Endeavor
Spouse(s) Lauren Sanchez (m. 2005)
Children 2

In Hollywood, there's a network of creative executives, and when they hear something is good, it catches fire.
Patrick Whitesell
It's almost an impossible thing to get a movie made that is written by two actors who want to star in it, when no one knows who they are. The only time it happened that I know of was when Sylvester Stallone did it in 'Rocky.'
Patrick Whitesell
I think media people know we're good at making content and how we can be smart about how to consume it. It's always a balance.
Patrick Whitesell
If brands can find a voice that matches them, and the artist embraces it, they can find a way that would serve them that doesn't feel like a sellout to the artists and has dramatic impact for the brand.
Patrick Whitesell
I'm on Facebook anonymously. I wanted to see how people use it, what's going on there, but I personally didn't want to be on it because everybody in the world tries to get to you with scripts.
Patrick Whitesell
Fifteen- to 30-year-olds are interested in all kinds of intelligent movies - it doesn't have to be a broad comedy or an action adventure for them to go see it.
Patrick Whitesell
I'm from Iowa Falls, Iowa. My dad was a small-town lawyer, and my mom was a pharmacist. She worked at Swartz Drug. I have five older brothers.
Patrick Whitesell
Usually when you get a script from actors, you don't have high expectations.
Patrick Whitesell
With the world changing fast, we needed capital for investments. There's only so much bandwidth in your own balance sheet.
Patrick Whitesell
I started at an agency called Intertalent. You copy scripts, you pick up people's dry cleaning, you take their dogs to the vet, you deliver packages, you do whatever they want you to do.
Patrick Whitesell
I don't think Hollywood will be the place that innovates great technology, but if people underestimate how they monetize content, they're sorely mistaken.
Patrick Whitesell
We're in the service business by nature, but when we can transition that into ownership things, we love it. Our clients love it, too. We get deluged with offers to get involved with this or that. Silver Lake helps us funnel those opportunities.
Patrick Whitesell
If you're a young actor, unless you're on a very short list at the studios, we have to be very creative about moving your career along. Otherwise, all we can do is hope to get lucky and find that perfect role that pops you into stardom.
Patrick Whitesell
We've got to be proactive. It's my job to look for unconventional situations that achieve what my clients want.
Patrick Whitesell
When you live in a small town like Iowa Falls, there's not a lot to do, so we would, as a family, watch a ton of films.
Patrick Whitesell
If you look at professional baseball in New York, you can get all 162 Yankee games on television anytime you want. But people still go to the ballpark because they are two different experiences. It's the same with film.
Patrick Whitesell
We're in conversations with brands worldwide for a variety of artists every day.
Patrick Whitesell
We saw simply distribution was changing, content, premium content, premium stars; we're going to be able to do more in the world as it evolves.
Patrick Whitesell
Red Interactive, the digital advertising agency, is a real, systemic kind of business, as opposed to a one-off thing. We can help advertisers frustrated by old media find clients they can work with.
Patrick Whitesell
There's no question there needs to be higher-paying opportunities for women. It's not that it hasn't existed in certain categories: Certain women have made a lot of money... Jennifer Lawrence... is being paid a lot of money, rightfully so, for the franchises she's in.
Patrick Whitesell

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