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Sir Paul McCartney
McCartney in 2010
Born James Paul McCartney
(1942-06-18) 18 June 1942 (age 74)
Liverpool, England
Singer-songwriter music and film producer businessman
Years active 1957–present
Linda Eastman
(m. 1969; her death 1998)
Heather Mills
(m. 2002; div. 2008)
Nancy Shevell
(m. 2011)
Children 5, including Heather (adopted), Mary, Stella, and James McCartney
Parent(s) Jim and Mary McCartney
Relatives Mike McGear (brother), Ruth McCartney (step-sister)
Website paulmccartney.com
Musical career
Rock pop classical electronic
Vocals bass guitar guitar piano
Apple Capitol Columbia Decca Hear Music Parlophone Polydor Swan Vee-Jay
Associated acts
The Quarrymen The Beatles Wings The Fireman Michael Jackson
Notable instruments
Höfner 500/1 Rickenbacker 4001S Epiphone Texan Fender Jazz Bass Gibson Les Paul Epiphone Casino Martin D-28 Wal 5-String Bass

With the Beatles, we'd been very spoiled because we had George Martin who worked for the record label we were going to be signed to. That was very fortunate, because we grew together.
Paul McCartney
Someone like John would want to end the Beatle period and start the Yoko period. He wouldn't like either to interfere with the other.
Paul McCartney
But with writers, there's nothing wrong with melancholy. It's an important color in writing.
Paul McCartney
Where I come from, you don't really talk about how much you're earning. Those things are private. My dad never told my mum how much he was earning. I'm certainly not going to tell the world. I'm doing well.
Paul McCartney
And I loved Fats Waller. I love his instrumental abilities, his vocal abilities and his sense of humor.
Paul McCartney
My old school in Liverpool is now a performing-arts school, and I kind of teach there - I use the word lightly - but I go there and talk to students.
Paul McCartney
I was still 15 when I met John Lennon at a village fete in Woolton, in Liverpool.
Paul McCartney
One of my biggest thrills for me still is sitting down with a guitar or a piano and just out of nowhere trying to make a song happen.
Paul McCartney
We were a savage little lot, Liverpool kids, not pacifist or vegetarian or anything. But I feel I've gone beyond that, and that it was immature to be so prejudiced and believe in all the stereotypes.
Paul McCartney
I definitely did look up to John. We all looked up to John. He was older and he was very much the leader; he was the quickest wit and the smartest.
Paul McCartney
Look, people are allowed their own opinions and they don't always coincide with yours. As an artist you just have to keep plugging on.
Paul McCartney
Looking back, I think I was always musical. My dad was very musical, and I think my mom was musical.
Paul McCartney
You see, my mother was a district nurse until she died when I was 14, and we used to move from time to time because of her work.
Paul McCartney
It was Elvis who really got me hooked on beat music. When I heard 'Heartbreak Hotel' I thought, this is it.
Paul McCartney
I used to think that anyone doing anything weird was weird. I suddenly realized that anyone doing anything weird wasn't weird at all and it was the people saying they were weird that were weird.
Paul McCartney
So, if I'm cooking, I'll be steaming vegetables, making some nice salad, that kind of stuff.
Paul McCartney
I'm always writing songs, and I've got a bunch that I want to record.
Paul McCartney
I think people who create and write, it actually does flow-just flows from into their head, into their hand, and they write it down. It's simple.
Paul McCartney
Nothing pleases me more than to go into a room and come out with a piece of music.
Paul McCartney

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