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United States House of Representatives elections in Wisconsin, 2016
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If Paul Ryan is re-elected, if he's sent back to Congress, he will push for the biggest amnesty in this country's history; and immediately after his re-election, he will push Obama's jailbreak crime agenda.
Paul Nehlen
The jobs aren't going away. They're bringing in people to replace Americans in those jobs. And this Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, it makes it worse.
Paul Nehlen
I'm a businessman. I build things, create jobs - jobs that allow people to pay their mortgage, put food on the table, put their kids through college.
Paul Nehlen
I'm supporting Donald Trump because Donald Trump is against this trade deal, this Trans Pacific Partnership, this job-killing trade deal that is going to bring cheap labor into this country.
Paul Nehlen
Islam is not a religion. It's a political system. It has a different set of rules.
Paul Nehlen
Paul Ryan says he's for smaller government, and he's funded every big government idea that there is.
Paul Nehlen
Donald Trump has courageously taken on the entrenched special interests who sought to suppress the working people of this country and who have sought to deny them a livable wage.
Paul Nehlen
I took on the leader of the globalist agenda, the leader of the Republican Party, the Koch brothers.
Paul Nehlen
We could secure the border in 72 hours. We could. We just don't have the political will in Washington.
Paul Nehlen
Not only has Paul Ryan not died on any hill for a position he believes in to make government smaller, he hasn't even skinned his knee.
Paul Nehlen
Paul Ryan is the mercenary champion of Hillary Clinton's - this is Hillary Clinton's. This came out of the State Department. This Trans Pacific Partnership is going to export our jobs. It's going to import foreign workers to replace Americans and our jobs.
Paul Nehlen
I'm so grateful to Ms. Palin and all the people who've endorsed me.
Paul Nehlen
Paul Ryan is the establishment tool in D.C. that tries to splinter groups and does not work for the will of the people.
Paul Nehlen
Paul Ryan whipped the votes to get fast track Trade Promotion Authority to sell our jobs to foreign countries. He absolutely worked on that. Paul Ryan owns it. He can't say he doesn't agree with it, because when he did that, that contract was already written. It was already set up - that treaty was already set up.
Paul Nehlen

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