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R. Kelly
Kelly at the premiere of Chapter 13-22 of Trapped in the Closet in 2007
Born Robert Sylvester Kelly
(1967-01-08) January 8, 1967 (age 50)
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Singer songwriter actor
Years active 1989–present
Net worth US$150 million (2014)[1]
Spouse(s) Aaliyah
(m. 1994; annulled 1995)

Andrea Kelly
(m. 1996; div. 2009)
Children Joann Kelly
Jay Kelly
Robert Kelly, Jr[2][3]
Parent(s) Joanne Kelly
Website r-kelly.com
Musical career
R&B soul gospel neo soul hip hop
Vocals piano keyboard guitar
Jive (1991–2011) RCA (2011–present)
Associated acts
Public Announcement The Isley Brothers Aaliyah Jay Z Snoop Dogg
Basketball career
Atlantic City Seagulls (USBL)[4]
Listed height 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m)
Listed weight 200 pounds (91 kg)
Career information
Playing career 1997–1999[5]
Position Shooting guard / Small forward[6]
Number 12[7]
Career highlights and awards
3× USBL champion (1997, 1998, 1999)

I only feel sorry for weak people. And mostly what I've come to find is that the weak people are the ones that are the haters.
R. Kelly
As a businessman, I saw club tracks as a new franchise that could be profitable for years to come. It was like being in McDonald's and realizing that even though cheeseburgers and fries sold big, you could also make money serving up McRibs, which are always available for a limited time only.
R. Kelly
I don't have a job, so I sit in the studio all the time and think of stupid stuff to do.
R. Kelly
I did 'Love Letter' and 'Write Me Back,' and those were fun albums for me to do because they took me back to music I love.
R. Kelly
You know, I'm no different from a fireman. You got to run into a fire no matter how big the blaze is.
R. Kelly
I gave a Christmas party last year - well, two Christmases ago - where I did a Sam Cooke show. I didn't perform as R. Kelly. I performed the Sam Cooke show from 1964, when he performed at the Copacabana.
R. Kelly
R. Kelly is a thing on TV, but nobody knows Robert and what he's been through.
R. Kelly
When I met Michael Jordan on a basketball court at an athletic club - we hooped together in Chicago - he came to me and asked me if I wanted to do a song for his upcoming movie. I was like, 'Yeah!' I didn't even ask what it was.
R. Kelly
I want America to know that you can't believe everything you hear, and nowadays, you can't believe everything you see.
R. Kelly
I am very conscious of who I am as an artist and as an inspirational person.
R. Kelly
My mother wasn't rich, and I never seen my father. I was a street performer. I've been shot. And now I'm known around the world, and I've touched a lot of people with my music. That's one of the great testimonies that's gonna go down in history.
R. Kelly
I had a cyst on my tonsils, and I couldn't sing. I had to have an operation.
R. Kelly
If I could change anything, I would definitely have had a father around. My father. I would definitely say it affected me deeply as a young man, coming up. Who doesn't want a father? Those are the beginnings, and those are what can dictate the roads you choose in life, and choosing them well.
R. Kelly
Downstairs in my house, I have a museum room. I keep all of my awards down there, and childhood photos, and even all the clothes I've worn on tour, in videos and on album covers.
R. Kelly
'Trapped In The Closet' lives in a place on the earth on its own. It pays its own rent, it's its own landlord, it owns the building, it's everything. And it's so separate from what R. Kelly does; that's the great thing about it.
R. Kelly
I've called myself the Pied Piper, I've called myself the Weatherman, I've called myself Kellz, I've called myself a lot of things, changing the name, switching it up, just flipping, remixing. But never to harm anybody. Never to make a deep statement for people to dig into and figure it out.
R. Kelly
I walk around every day with a radio playing constantly in my head, and this radio station plays a lot of hits. But it's all my songs, so that's something to be excited about 24 hours a day.
R. Kelly
I've been blackmailed a billion times. I've been sued for ridiculous things. At one point in my life, I was an ATM machine. But I'm used to that. You don't get used to it, but I'm used to the fact that people will do this, even your own family members, and I don't hate none of them.
R. Kelly
I've always wanted to write movies - I always used to tell my mom that I wanted to be a director.
R. Kelly
I've had money thrown onstage, dollars, couple of five-dollar bills. I took the money, but it wasn't much.
R. Kelly
There are so many songs in me that haven't been born yet. So I can't call myself a genius, but I never turn away a compliment, and I feel like I'm on my way to that mountain.
R. Kelly

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