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Rachel Platten
Rachel Platten performing in a live concert on August 20, 2015
Background information
Birth name Rachel Ashley Platten
Born (1981-05-20) May 20, 1981 (age 35)
New York City, New York, United States
Origin Newton Centre, Massachusetts, United States
Pop indie pop
Singer songwriter
Vocals piano guitar keyboards clarinet oboe
Years active 2003–present
Rock Ridge Columbia RCA

I love... different kinds of music. I like classical music and pop music. I like alternative, and I like rap, hip-hop, and I kind of collected all these things that I love, and they infused my sensibilities, and I just wanted to sing because it felt like it needed to come out of me.
Rachel Platten
When I wrote 'Fight Song,' I was in a particular low point. I needed to remind myself to not give up, that I still believed in myself and that I still had fight left.
Rachel Platten
I work extremely hard to stay positive and happy. But I get sad and anxious, too, just like everyone.
Rachel Platten
I have always loved music. My mom used to sing with my sister and I when I was younger, and I was in choirs and loved to perform, but when I was in college, I went on a study abroad to Trinidad, and while I was there, I sang backup at my first concert.
Rachel Platten
I used to feel it was too late for me; I'd had my shot. You couldn't make a pop star out of me.
Rachel Platten
No matter what, I still was gonna make music, even if it was on a small scale. Even if it was just for me.
Rachel Platten
I think what people respond to, and what they're responding to so strongly, is I'm very myself on stage. What you see in person is very much who I am on stage.
Rachel Platten
If I wake up in the middle of the night and have an idea, I want to go to my computer and be able to do it. So I hired someone at Guitar Center to come over to my house and teach me Logic music program, and I learned it over a couple months.
Rachel Platten
I used to visit London when I was younger with my family. I feel very close to the city.
Rachel Platten
It didn't scare me to be vulnerable because I think that's when you get something great.
Rachel Platten
My biggest fear is that I'm not good enough. I have this voice in my head that I've been battling for years that says, 'You're not really talented enough. You don't really deserve this.'
Rachel Platten
I love playing sports. I'm overly eager and aggressive and not very skilled, so it leads to many small injuries.
Rachel Platten
I feel like I have some stuff that matches 'Fight Song,' not in necessarily the message exactly but in the emotion and honesty.
Rachel Platten
Even if I'm making music for people for $20 a night, at least I'm making music.
Rachel Platten
In general, I think the world is a good place if you work hard, believe in yourself, have good intentions, and if you are kind to people, I believe that good things happen to you.
Rachel Platten
I played cover gigs and traveled the country in my mom's old car, and my drummer and I set up a fake email and sent it out to agents. We pretended to be our own agent.
Rachel Platten
I think I made this decision that I just loved making music, and it didn't matter what level I got to do it on, and 'Fight Song' was this declaration that I'm going to keep going, and I'm going to keep believing in myself, even if it seems like it's impossible.
Rachel Platten
I've always sung in choirs and acapella groups, but when I was in college, I finally started writing songs and playing with a band, and that ignited a desire to do it full time and pour everything I had into it.
Rachel Platten

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