Quotes by: Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel
44th Mayor of Chicago
Assumed office
May 16, 2011
Preceded by Richard Daley
23rd White House Chief of Staff
In office
January 20, 2009 – October 1, 2010
President Barack Obama
Deputy Mona Sutphen
Jim Messina
Preceded by Josh Bolten
Succeeded by Pete Rouse (Acting)
Chair of the House Democratic Caucus
In office
January 3, 2007 – January 2, 2009
Preceded by Jim Clyburn
Succeeded by John Larson
Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
In office
January 3, 2005 – January 3, 2007
Preceded by Bob Matsui
Succeeded by Chris Van Hollen
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Illinois's 5th district
In office
January 3, 2003 – January 2, 2009
Preceded by Rod Blagojevich
Succeeded by Mike Quigley
Senior Advisor to the President
In office
January 20, 1993 – November 7, 1998
President Bill Clinton
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Doug Sosnik
Personal details
Born Rahm Israel Emanuel
(1959-11-29) November 29, 1959 (age 57)
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Amy Merritt Rule (1994–present)
Children 3
Education Sarah Lawrence College (BA)
Northwestern University (MA)

To deal with what you have to deal with as mayor or president, there has to be an overriding psychological or professional or emotional gratification that would let you go through all the angst.
Rahm Emanuel
I join President Obama and the vast majority of Chicagoans who are tired of waiting for Washington to get serious about gun violence.
Rahm Emanuel
I still believe the Lewinsky investigation was way off from the focus of what Whitewater was, which turned out to be nothing at the end of the process. And I think that there were people who were determined as political opponents to not allow his presidency to succeed.
Rahm Emanuel
When it comes to federal elections law, Tom DeLay and his special-interest friends live by one set of rules, and everyone else lives by a very different set.
Rahm Emanuel
The overwhelming number of police officers in Chicago are doing good work under difficult conditions. They put their lives on the line every day in situations none of us can fully comprehend or appreciate.
Rahm Emanuel
In the White House, you can be on the pitcher's mound or you can be in the catcher's position. Put points on the board. Show people you can govern. Deliver on what you said you were going to deliver on.
Rahm Emanuel
Banks are slowly but surely lending again, and never again will taxpayers foot the bill for Wall Street's excesses. In case we forgot, that was the change we believed in. That was the change we fought for. That was the change President Obama delivered.
Rahm Emanuel
Rather than doing the kind of fact-checking that normally goes with a story, you ran with certain stories for not wanting to get beat. There's a pressure that exists in your profession. I would be surprised in any honest exchange that you say that doesn't exist.
Rahm Emanuel
Whose leadership, whose judgment, whose values do you want in the White House when that crisis lands like a thud on the Oval Office desk?
Rahm Emanuel
There was no blueprint or how-to manual for fixing a global financial meltdown, an auto crisis, two wars and a great recession, all at the same time.
Rahm Emanuel
Things happened there that I don't think are the finest hours for anybody, whether it was a journalist, the legal system or, in that case of the political system, who would say that was an example of when Washington worked best.
Rahm Emanuel
Laquan McDonald is a wake-up call to all of us. It's a reminder there's a lot broken.
Rahm Emanuel
I can't imagine being mayor and not having had the experience working for President Clinton or President Obama, or, for that matter, working in Congress. On the other hand, I think I would have been a better adviser had I been mayor first. If I had had this job first, I could have seen the implications of things I was doing.
Rahm Emanuel
I saw the president make the tough calls in the Situation Room - and today, our troops in Iraq have finally come home so America can do some nation building here at home. That was the change that we believed in. That was the change we fought for. That was the change President Obama delivered.
Rahm Emanuel
The person who takes the oath of office in the next four months will shape not just the next four years, but the next forty years of our nation. In these next four years, we need proven leadership, proven judgment and proven values. America needs four more years of President Barack Obama.
Rahm Emanuel
They ended up spending a total, their campaign plus the independent, about 1.3 million. I only ended up spending about - not only, but I spent about 2 million. But I had no intention of doing that until I was attacked with a negative ad by an independent group.
Rahm Emanuel
There are too many senior citizens and good residents in Chicago who are sick and tired of having to walk several blocks out of their way when they leave their homes just to avoid the gangs and drug dealers on the street corner.
Rahm Emanuel
No citizen is a second class citizen in the city of Chicago. If my children are treated one way, every child is treated the same way.
Rahm Emanuel
I remember my father, when I said I was going down to Little Rock to work for Governor Clinton's run for president, he thought maybe somebody needed to check the medication cabinet. He thought somebody was playing around with it. He had never heard of him, he said. I said, 'Well, I think he's going to be the next President of the United States.'
Rahm Emanuel
I believe the record I was allowed to help establish by the side of the president was important.
Rahm Emanuel
As individuals, we will be judged in our lives by the totality of our actions. Not one thing will stand out. And I think that's how we get judged by our colleagues and that's how we get judged by the good lord.
Rahm Emanuel

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