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Randeep Hooda
Randeep at a promotional event for Old Spice
Born (1976-08-20) 20 August 1976 (age 40)[1]
Rohtak, Haryana, India
Nationality Indian
Alma mater Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram
Actor model[1][2]
Years active 2001–present

We had a great dramatic society in school, and that's where I first got exposure both as an actor and director.
Randeep Hooda
Love is a strange emotion. It is ever evolving. Lust is transient. With time, one realizes that love and togetherness are two different things. Very few people are lucky enough to experience the two emotions simultaneously.
Randeep Hooda
I have this soft spot for have-nots. So, I was really inclined to portray their pain and pathos in 'Highway.'
Randeep Hooda
If you have life's experiences with you, nothing can stop you from being a competent actor.
Randeep Hooda
I've had my share of struggle. I believe, never take success to your head or failure to your heart.
Randeep Hooda
I am not an angry guy. It's just the roles I do that impact my personality.
Randeep Hooda
When we are younger, we say a lot of things without often believing in them. The thoughts within you are much more important, and so often, one can't completely describe what one feels. As we grow older, we realize that there is more to love than what is expressed in the conventional sense of the terms.
Randeep Hooda
Be it Valentine's Day, Father's Day or Mother's Day, I feel all days are reminders of some feelings. February 14 doesn't hold any special relevance for me.
Randeep Hooda
It is important to keep the filmmakers interested in you so they can offer you everything and anything. We actors are not given work on the basis of audience poll; the filmmaker will cast you after they see and like your work. It is essential to do different kind of films and not get typecast.
Randeep Hooda
I try to keep myself as normal as possible. Stardom is transient. People forget you after a while.
Randeep Hooda
I went through a low phase for two years when I had a string of flops. At that time, I even felt that I was in the wrong profession and that I should leave acting. But thankfully, I utilised that time to introspect and went on a self-exploration trip. I did theatre in between, and it helped grow the fire within me.
Randeep Hooda
In all of us, there is a struggle between the good and the bad. It makes it more palpable and real to play such people as an actor.
Randeep Hooda
If someone explains me the definition of love, I will give my life to the person. Love is a thing which is difficult to understand. Love is always evolving.
Randeep Hooda
Having learnt my basics in theatre, I always feel film is a collaborative effort. If you do your part well and help the person in front of you in realising his or her potential, the film invariably comes out good.
Randeep Hooda
I don't have a set image. In fact, I would be curious to know how someone slots me.
Randeep Hooda
I think it would be pompous to say I am an underrated actor. I don't think it is for me to think and decide; it is for people to decide. But I am glad I am underrated than being overrated - that is something I would find hard to digest.
Randeep Hooda
I'm going to start a polo team with my friend, and we're trying to collect as many horses as we can. You have to find time for things you love.
Randeep Hooda
There is an interaction and action, reaction between two people. One should show honesty in a relationship. Be honest to your partner and tell him everything. How long can you do things with dishonesty and that's wrong. Don't get into a relationship if you can't be honest.
Randeep Hooda
For very long, I wasn't able to find a place for myself in movies. After my initial success, I didn't know how to capitalise on it.
Randeep Hooda
In 2010, I sold my car, a Toyota Majester, for just a lakh-and-a-half to be able to feed my horses. It continues to be like a hole, where I put all my money.
Randeep Hooda

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