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Ray Kurzweil
Kurzweil on or prior to July 5, 2005
Born Raymond Kurzweil
(1948-02-12) February 12, 1948 (age 68)
Queens, New York City, U.S.
Nationality American
Alma mater Massachusetts Institute of Technology (B.S.)
Occupation Author, entrepreneur, futurist and inventor
Employer Google Inc.
Spouse(s) Sonya Rosenwald Fenster (1975–present)[1]
Awards Grace Murray Hopper Award (1978)
National Medal of Technology (1999)
Website Official website

Supercomputers will achieve one human brain capacity by 2010, and personal computers will do so by about 2020.
Ray Kurzweil
I decided to be an inventor when I was five. My parents had given me a few various enrichment toys like erector sets, and for some reason I had the idea that if I put things together just the right way, I could create the intended effect.
Ray Kurzweil
If you write a blog post, you've got something to say; you're not just creating words and synonyms. We'd like the computers to actually pick up on that semantic meaning.
Ray Kurzweil
A lot of movies about artificial intelligence envision that AI's will be very intelligent but missing some key emotional qualities of humans and therefore turn out to be very dangerous.
Ray Kurzweil
When you talk to a human in 2035, you'll be talking to someone that's a combination of biological and non-biological intelligence.
Ray Kurzweil
People say we're running out of energy. That's only true if we stick with these old 19th century technologies. We are awash in energy from the sunlight.
Ray Kurzweil
A successful person isn't necessarily better than her less successful peers at solving problems; her pattern-recognition facilities have just learned what problems are worth solving.
Ray Kurzweil
By the 2030s, the nonbiological portion of our intelligence will predominate.
Ray Kurzweil
Biology is a software process. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, each governed by this process. You and I are walking around with outdated software running in our bodies, which evolved in a very different era.
Ray Kurzweil
The Blue Brain project expects to have a full human-scale simulation of the cerebral cortex by 2018. I think that's a little optimistic, actually, but I do make the case that by 2029 we will have very detailed models and simulations of all the different brain regions.
Ray Kurzweil
Sometimes people talk about conflict between humans and machines, and you can see that in a lot of science fiction. But the machines we're creating are not some invasion from Mars. We create these tools to expand our own reach.
Ray Kurzweil
The telephone is virtual reality in that you can meet with someone as if you are together, at least for the auditory sense.
Ray Kurzweil
Even by common wisdom, there seem to be both people and objects in my dream that are outside myself, but clearly they were created in myself and are part of me, they are mental constructs in my own brain.
Ray Kurzweil
Doing real world projects is, I think, the best way to learn and also to engage the world and find out what the world is all about.
Ray Kurzweil
By 2029, computers will have emotional intelligence and be convincing as people.
Ray Kurzweil
Aging is not one process. It's many different things going on that cause us to age. I have a program that at least slows down each of these different processes.
Ray Kurzweil
No matter what problem you encounter, whether it's a grand challenge for humanity or a personal problem of your own, there's an idea out there that can overcome it. And you can find that idea.
Ray Kurzweil
I'm an inventor. I became interested in long-term trends because an invention has to make sense in the world in which it is finished, not the world in which it is started.
Ray Kurzweil
My mission at Google is to develop natural language understanding with a team and in collaboration with other researchers at Google.
Ray Kurzweil
Life expectancy is a statistical phenomenon. You could still be hit by the proverbial bus tomorrow.
Ray Kurzweil

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