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Sam Altman
Born Samuel H. Altman
(1985-04-22) April 22, 1985 (age 31)
Chicago, Illinois
Residence San Francisco, California[1]
Nationality American
Alma mater Stanford University (dropped out)
Occupation Venture capitalist
Known for Loopt, Y Combinator
Title President of Y Combinator
Website Sam Altman's blog

Whether or not money can buy happiness, it can buy freedom, and that's a big deal. Also, lack of money is very stressful.
Sam Altman
Making money is often more fun than spending it, though I personally have never regretted money I've spent on friends, new experiences, saving time, travel, and causes I believe in.
Sam Altman
It's so important for startups to get their culture right at the start. They need to feel unique and that they are on their own important mission in the world.
Sam Altman
Many founders hire just because it seems like a cool thing to do, and people always ask how many employees you have.
Sam Altman
I think the mistake people make most often when they invest in other kinds of startups is they say, 'This is totally different.' And so the things that matter, like making a product that people desperately want, like talking to customers, they throw this out the window. That is a recipe for heartache and tears.
Sam Altman
The point of an accelerator is to teach you about companies and business, not about technology.
Sam Altman
If you go to a paintball subreddit, paintball companies can advertise to you.
Sam Altman
If you ask a founder how their company is doing, they always say, 'Oh it's great. We're totally crushing it,' and that's almost never true.
Sam Altman
I always tell my partners that our job is to fund all the companies we can that can be worth $10 billion or more. That's such a difficult constraint, we can't have any other constraints.
Sam Altman
Whoever Boost works with, Sprint will work with. And whoever Sprint works with, Verizon and AT&T will as well.
Sam Altman
The hard part of running a business is that there are a hundred things that you could be doing, and only five of those actually matter, and only one of them matters more than all of the rest of them combined. So figuring out there is a critical path thing to focus on and ignoring everything else is really important.
Sam Altman
There is a lot of stuff I like. I love backpacking. I love going to an island where I can just sit on the beach and read or scuba dive and sail. I do a lot of that. I still go backpacking around Europe in the summers and staying in hostels. I love that.
Sam Altman
If a company is profitable, the founder is in control. If it's not, investors are in control.
Sam Altman
Don't let yourself make excuses for not doing the things you want to do.
Sam Altman
If you have the opportunity to go be an early employee at a company that's just going crazy, and you believe it's the next Facebook or Google, you should go join that company.
Sam Altman
I get up late, have an espresso, and immediately start work. I try to get roughly caught up on email before I leave the house, then if I need to write anything or review a complex deal, I do that, and then I head to the office and work on my top few priorities for the day. I try to schedule my meetings in the afternoon.
Sam Altman
I love working with really early stage startups where the outcome is still in doubt. Maybe they'll go on to greatness, or maybe they'll never get off the runway at all.
Sam Altman
Don't hire for the sake of hiring. Hire because there is no other way to do what you want to do.
Sam Altman
Very ambitious startups often take a long time to work - or sometimes they take a very long time to look ambitious.
Sam Altman
I think you can say a lot of evil behavior by companies is short-term optimization.
Sam Altman

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