Quotes by: Sam Taylor Johnson

I try to leave things as open ended as possible, not too overladen with meaning.
Sam Taylor Johnson
I keep seeing in the papers that I am good friends with Samantha Cameron. I've never met her in my life.
Sam Taylor Johnson
My parents were Beatle fans, but my mom was especially a Lennon fan, so I was exposed to him more. I remember her playing 'Double Fantasy' quite often.
Sam Taylor Johnson
I think it was Elisabeth Shue who said that if you start a movie with a woman seen through a man's eyes, that woman is objectified by him throughout.
Sam Taylor Johnson
In the old days, 'controversial' in a relationship meant same-sex or mixed races.
Sam Taylor Johnson
I remember as a kid not ever wanting to have friends around to my house because it was, for want of a better description, disheveled.
Sam Taylor Johnson
Directing 'Fifty Shades of Grey' has been an intense and incredible journey for which I am hugely grateful. I have Universal to thank for that.
Sam Taylor Johnson
The thing that is so great about Ang Lee is the diversity in his filmmaking, from 'Brokeback...' to 'The Hulk.'
Sam Taylor Johnson
I'm twitchy. I think I've got ADD. I find it hard to sit down. I need to be constantly challenged; otherwise, I get very... well, I guess 'bored' is the word.
Sam Taylor Johnson
Mum and Dad split up when I was nine. We upped and moved from London to Sussex, and suddenly I went from an urban life to nothing in the countryside - with a new father and new life.
Sam Taylor Johnson
My favorite part of the whole filmmaking process is working with a fantastic cinematographer, a fantastic actor or actors, and then just creating emotions and stories. I get so excited by that. That's the part I'm utterly addicted to.
Sam Taylor Johnson
I only photograph myself at poignant moments in my life as a check of where I am and how large my thighs are.
Sam Taylor Johnson
I'm interested in the acting and staging of specific emotions, and so I work with actors. It's a small proportion of what I do, but it's always what people seem to focus on.
Sam Taylor Johnson
I was always interested in film, but I never knew how to go about becoming a filmmaker.
Sam Taylor Johnson
I can be a bit extreme. I'll spend too much time running round the park, doing yoga and drinking green tea. I can get a bit obsessive. I have to rein it in sometimes.
Sam Taylor Johnson
My mum has always been quite free-spirited, and she has taught me a lot. I think that is probably why I have the sort of mind that I do.
Sam Taylor Johnson

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