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Samuel Larsen
Birth name Samuel Peter Acosta Larsen
Born (1991-08-28) August 28, 1991 (age 25)
San Francisco, California, U.S.
Actor singer model
Years active 2010–present
Labels Roc Nation

The first time I heard 'Jolene,' I was 12 years old, and it was performed by Jack White. I remember watching that video and forgetting it was from a woman's point of view, and forgetting it was a country song, and forgetting it was originally by Dolly Parton.
Samuel Larsen
I've got a couple of bands that I'm working on. The one I'm really excited about, we're called London The Child. It's folky music and it's really cool.
Samuel Larsen
I think anyone taken out of their comfort zone and put somewhere else will change.
Samuel Larsen
I'm a very mellow person. There are things about me that are intense, obviously.
Samuel Larsen
I think it's funny because on 'Glee Project,' there's that added pressure, but with 'Glee,' there's no element of competition. No one's trying to dance better than anyone. But there's that added pressure of, 'So many people are going to watch 'Glee' this week. If I don't nail this dance, I look like an idiot.'
Samuel Larsen
The thing that 'Glee' has successfully done that no other TV show has is that they're just honest - but they don't tell you what's right or wrong. They don't tell you what to agree with or what to believe in.
Samuel Larsen
I'm a very open person. I like to talk a lot about what I'm going through. It's how I cope with things.
Samuel Larsen
One of the biggest things I learned was that it's OK to be nervous and admit that you're having a hard time.
Samuel Larsen
'Glee Project' and 'Glee' have the same spirit, but they're both harder in their own ways. With 'Glee Project,' there's more pressure because you're being judged in everything you do. When you film 'Glee,' you go to the studio and have an off day, and it's OK - you're still going to be there; you take as many chances as you need.
Samuel Larsen
The good thing is I didn't feel like anyone was going to judge me on 'Glee.'
Samuel Larsen
I'm not the type of person who thinks up a joke and has to tell everyone.
Samuel Larsen
I think what turned me off of Christianity as a kid, and what I think turns other people off, is the thought that you have to sacrifice being cool to believe in God.
Samuel Larsen
Some of the craziest people I know, some of the coolest guys I know who party and go crazy and play rock shows and have tons of tattoos, they will still go to church on Sunday and do their best to live that kind of a life.
Samuel Larsen
I used to watch a lot of musicals as a kid. Musical movies, not so much musical theater.
Samuel Larsen
On 'Glee,' the director can be like, 'Hey, your face is looking a little too intense here.' And they can show me the screen, and I can be like, 'I know exactly what to do here.'
Samuel Larsen
I think something that's very relevant in real life and that they don't portray enough on TV is that when you think 'Christian,' you think 'goody two shoes' - they have to look a certain way and do certain things - and it's just not true.
Samuel Larsen

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