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Sania Mirza
Full name Sania Mirza
Country (sports)  India
Residence Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Born (1986-11-15) November 15, 1986 (age 30)[1][2]
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Height 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Turned pro 2003
Plays Right-handed (two-handed backhand)
College St. Mary's College
Prize money US $6,465,175[2]
Career record 271–161 (62.73%)
Career titles 1 WTA, 14 ITF
Highest ranking No. 27 (27 August 2007)
Grand Slam Singles results
Australian Open 3R (2005, 2008)
French Open 2R (2007, 2011)
Wimbledon 2R (2005, 2007, 2008, 2009)
US Open 4R (2005)
Other tournaments
Olympic Games 1R (2008)
Career record 459–196 (70.08%)
Career titles 41 WTA, 4 ITF
Highest ranking No. 1 (13 April 2015)
Current ranking No. 2 (9 January 2017)
Grand Slam Doubles results
Australian Open W (2016)
French Open F (2011)
Wimbledon W (2015)
US Open W (2015)
Other doubles tournaments
Tour Finals W (2014, 2015)
Olympic Games 2R (2008)
Mixed doubles
Career titles 3
Grand Slam Mixed Doubles results
Australian Open W (2009)
French Open W (2012)
Wimbledon QF (2011, 2013, 2015)
US Open W (2014)
Other mixed doubles tournaments
Olympic Games SF (2016)
Last updated on: 9 January 2016.

I like interior decoration, so I might do something in that. I might, at some point, take two years off to study interior decoration.
Sania Mirza
For some reason, every time I peak in my career, I injure myself. So, I'm constantly on the comeback trail.
Sania Mirza
Everyone dreams of playing Wimbledon and winning it. I am glad this dream came true for me so fast in my career. It feels great after so many years of struggle.
Sania Mirza
I have always believed that my job is to try and give my best on the tennis courts.
Sania Mirza
I love Bollywood as a viewer, but going in front of the camera and singing and dancing is not my thing.
Sania Mirza
I love any kind of food. I don't have a sweet tooth, but I love haleem.
Sania Mirza
As long as I am winning, people shouldn't care whether my skirt is six inches long or six feet long. How I dress is a very personal thing. It is scary that every time I wear a T-shirt, it becomes a talking point for the next three days.
Sania Mirza
As you grow older, it's harder to stay fit. Every day you wake up with pain, muscle aches which you don't know you had. I have to work harder on me than I used to when I was 18 years old. It takes me longer to recover now.
Sania Mirza
As a young girl, I used to dream of giving an interview. You dream of stardom as a kid. People think they don't want to be stars. Everyone wants to be a star! That's the truth. Even grownups; they pretend they don't want to be one and don't care. But everyone wants to.
Sania Mirza
I'm not a part of the glamour industry. I would like to focus on my game, and there are minimal chances of me getting into films.
Sania Mirza
Not many people know, but my joints are extremely hypermobile, and that's why I'm more prone to injuries. That's why most of my major injuries were with the joints. I had a career-threatening wrist injury where picking up a fork to feed myself was a problem, and the thought of playing tennis again was so far from my mind.
Sania Mirza
I'm not a perfect Muslim; I think none of us are perfect human beings. I do the five pillars of Islam, you know, I pray five times a day.
Sania Mirza
Everyone has attitude, and I think everyone should have attitude. But I know I have attitude, but that's just, I think if you don't have attitude, it comes only with self confidence. So if you don't have self confidence, you won't have attitude, and I think there's a difference when you have attitude and when you have arrogance.
Sania Mirza
When I go out on court, I don't care what I look like. I don't care if I'm out of my bed as long as I win the match, and that's what I'm there for. It doesn't matter what I'm wearing, it doesn't matter what I look, it doesn't matter what my hair feels like. All I feel is the moment I have to play well, give my 100% and win the match.
Sania Mirza
Tennis players are very fortunate that unlike some disciplines of sport, in mega-sporting events like the Grand Slams, they have a huge platform to showcase their talents on the world stage once every few months.
Sania Mirza
I really don't think about making fashion statements. Just like any other woman or girl, I like to dress up. I think I'm fortunate enough to be dressed by some of India's best designers and to have the opportunity to wear their wonderful creations. But I have never made a conscious effort to try and be a fashion icon or something.
Sania Mirza
I'm partial to stilettos. Stilettoes and long, flowing dresses are my new favourites.
Sania Mirza
Negativity sells. I have been labelled a rebel. If I had been one, would I have got married at 23? Would I have been a straight A student?
Sania Mirza
I miss singles terribly, but it is a choice I make because I don't feel I am good enough anymore. I don't want to be 100 odd in the world and still play for the heck of it.
Sania Mirza
I don't play tennis to prove a point to anyone. I play for my country and myself. It's not changing what people say or think. It's about what I can do. If I feel I have the ability to achieve something and haven't used my potential to that end, I'll keep trying till I succeed.
Sania Mirza
On the tennis court, one needs a cool temperament, tremendous ball sense, reflexes, speed, hand-eye co-ordination, power, timing and peak physical fitness. Off the court, the player and support team need skills in planning, execution, travel, an ability to raise funds when needed, and several other talents.
Sania Mirza
One of the thrills of playing at the top tennis centres of the world is to see the Indian flag go up whenever I'm participating in these events. That's enough motivation for any Indian who has the opportunity to perform at these tournaments.
Sania Mirza
Tennis is a funny game, and it takes a life-time of keeping one's eyes open on the circuit to have any chance of understanding the strange phenomena that exist in our exciting sport!
Sania Mirza

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