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Saoirse Ronan
Ronan at the premiere of Brooklyn (2015) during the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival
Born Saoirse Una Ronan
(1994-04-12) 12 April 1994 (age 22)
The Bronx, New York City, New York, U.S.
Residence Manhattan, New York
Nationality Irish
Citizenship U.S., Ireland
Occupation Actress
Years active 2003–present

Vampire teeth really aren't very efficient, are they? It looks very messy. I'm not sure it's the best way to get a pint off anyone.
Saoirse Ronan
Sometimes the director will want you to write about the character, sometimes he'll want you to live in the location that the character is from or something like that, but I don't usually make a lot of notes or anything like that.
Saoirse Ronan
If I'm in the middle of a take and I start to think about what I'm doing, I just mess up and I have to stop and so I find that for me, you really need to trust your instinct.
Saoirse Ronan
When I was younger and in primary school, I'd do maybe a film a year, and I had to adapt to being away from everyone for a couple of months.
Saoirse Ronan
I know most of the photographers in Ireland. And if I don't want my photograph taken, they will leave me alone.
Saoirse Ronan
I've grown up with my parents' music tastes, listening to Fleetwood Mac and the Rolling Stones.
Saoirse Ronan
I love a lot of comedy actors and actresses like Kristen Wiig and Tina Fey and all those women who are really brilliant and funny.
Saoirse Ronan
I've always wanted to act and I grew up a little on film sets when my dad was working as an actor.
Saoirse Ronan
I like books that are exciting and that make you think about things as well.
Saoirse Ronan
The written word can be powerful and beautiful - but films transport us to another place in a way that even the most evocative words never can.
Saoirse Ronan
I think when you get on with the actors that you're working with, even if you do have really intimate scenes, as long as you get on well, and have a bit of a laugh while doing it, then it's fine.
Saoirse Ronan
I've basically grown up with Harry Potter, as so many kids my age have. It's kind of a part of my life.
Saoirse Ronan
I play basketball, I surf and swim and go to the cinema and listen to music and read. I like shopping.
Saoirse Ronan
I was actually born in New York. We lived there until I was three so I grew up watching Sesame Street and hearing the accent. You are a sponge at that age, soaking everything up.
Saoirse Ronan
'Romeo And Juliet' is the classic love story. When two lovers are separated and trying to get back to one another, that's fiercely romantic and something you become glued to.
Saoirse Ronan
There are a lot of people who say, 'Yeah yeah, I'm a feminist,' and they're not, actually. I wouldn't want to throw that word around, because it's a very strong thing.
Saoirse Ronan
I don't feel isolated on a film set. In a way you do because you don't really mix with the outside world; you're just sort of working non-stop for a few months, but you've got so many people around you.
Saoirse Ronan
I like my characters to be ones I think about long after I've finished reading the script.
Saoirse Ronan
I love cleaning. I love mopping the floor. If you need your floor mopped, I'm there.
Saoirse Ronan
Lindsay Lohan was the 'It' girl from, like, 14. That's a lot of pressure.
Saoirse Ronan
When I was younger, I was very athletic and I always loved sports and physical things.
Saoirse Ronan

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