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Taj Mahal
Location Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India
Coordinates 27°10′30″N 78°02′31″E / 27.17500°N 78.04194°E / 27.17500; 78.04194Coordinates: 27°10′30″N 78°02′31″E / 27.17500°N 78.04194°E / 27.17500; 78.04194
Height 73 metres (240 ft)
Built 1632–53[1]
Architect Ustad Ahmad Lahauri
Architectural style(s) Mughal architecture
Visitors 7–8 million[2] (in 2014)
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Type Cultural
Criteria (i)
Designated 1983 (7th session)
Reference no. 252
State Party India
Region Asia-Pacific
Location of Agra within India

I don't need the credits for playing the blues and paying the dues. I've already done it. There are some other things to do here - movies and scores and voice-overs.
Taj Mahal
I don't care if it's somebody else's song. Most of the time, you'll find that I'll put my own stamp on it. But I started writing more because, you know, it's easy to regurgitate what somebody else is doing, but it's exciting to be able to come up with your own writing.
Taj Mahal
My mother was American, and my father was from the Caribbean, and there was a big open door into the world of humanity and music.
Taj Mahal
Particularly with the blues, it's not just about bad times. It's about the healing spirit.
Taj Mahal
I'm perceived as someone who goes out and searches for new music, but it was all present in my household.
Taj Mahal
My perspective is cultural and world-based. It's always been a global perspective.
Taj Mahal
What you have to understand is that blues... it's in a line from the oldest forms of African music. If you're playing it like it's an echo of the past, it would be a lot less exciting, but this music lives today.
Taj Mahal
I'm always cracking up when I hear what people think I should be doing.
Taj Mahal
I base myself in African-derived music. Blues is one of the modern forms of African music.
Taj Mahal
No matter what went down, music was always going to be a part of my life. What ultimately happened is that, over a period of time, I just kind of looked around and when like, 'Wow! I'm actually making a living doing this.'
Taj Mahal
I love playing in Germany. I love playing anywhere where people are going to enjoy the music. Germany is especially nice to play.
Taj Mahal
If the Rolling Stones are playing a concert across town, that's not my audience anyways. But I do find that there's a lot of people coming back around to see me again.
Taj Mahal
American music is a powerful ingredient in international music, and as much as it comes from within, it also comes from without.
Taj Mahal
As a solo performer, it's total involvement. What I do is to break down the wall between audience and performer.
Taj Mahal
It's just like heirloom tomatoes; this is heirloom music. We used to have all kinds of diversity in our poultry, in our vegetables, in our fruits, and slowly but surely the monoculture beast comes in. I'm saying that's not a good idea. And if it means that I gotta do it on my own, then I do it on my own.
Taj Mahal
As a youngster, my parents made me aware that all that was from the African Diaspora belonged to me. So I came in with Caribbean music, African music, Latin music, gospel music and blues.
Taj Mahal
I've only been on MTV once as one of their 'Closet Classics,' with some bootleg footage of a 1970 tour I did in Holland. They didn't know what to make of my music, but they finally invented a name for it - world beat music.
Taj Mahal

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