Quotes by: Tariq Ali

Tariq Ali
Ali at Imperial College, London in November 2003
Born (1943-10-21) 21 October 1943 (age 73)
Lahore, Punjab, British India
(now Pakistan)
Occupation Military historian
Alma mater University of the Punjab
Exeter College, Oxford
Genre Geopolitics
Literary movement New Left
Spouse Susan Watkins

The Enlightenment attacked religion - Christianity, mainly - for two reasons: that it was a set of ideological delusions, and that it was a system of institutional oppression, with immense powers of persecution and intolerance.
Tariq Ali
I was in my mid-teens when someone gave me a copy of 'Pears Encyclopaedia of Myth and Legends' as a birthday present. It sat on my shelves for many months before I looked at it. When I did, I couldn't stop reading it.
Tariq Ali
In the Seventies, we still had dreams and hopes of Utopia, but by the end of the decade, the world had shifted to the right.
Tariq Ali
Scandinavia was awash with Maoism in the '70s. Sweden had Maoist groups with a combined membership and periphery of several thousand members, but it was Norway where Maoism became a genuine popular force and hegemonic in the culture.
Tariq Ali
In January 1961, the United States severed diplomatic relations in response to Cuban nationalisation of U.S.-owned sugar plantations, banks and businesses.
Tariq Ali
The Lumiere brothers first exhibited moving pictures in Paris in 1896. A year later, there was a private showing at the Yildiz palace in Istanbul.
Tariq Ali
I didn't know a thing about Oxford and had never been to Britain. My father suggested it because in 1939 he had been about to take up a place at Wadham College, but the war broke out, and he joined the Army instead.
Tariq Ali
Young women and men who joined the far-left groups did so for the best of reasons. They wanted to change the world. Many fought against the stifling atmosphere in many groups.
Tariq Ali
When I arrived to study at Oxford in October 1963, the bohemian style was black plastic or leather jackets for women and black leather or navy donkey jackets for men. I stuck to cavalry twills and a duffle coat, at least for a few months.
Tariq Ali
In 1962, President Kennedy expanded an earlier trade embargo put in place by a predecessor, President Eisenhower, to a total economic blockade, which pushed the Cubans further in Moscow's direction.
Tariq Ali
I think democracy is on the decline in the West. Ruling parties are the same: neo-liberalism at home and wars abroad.
Tariq Ali
The genealogy of fictional characters can become an obsession, like train-spotting, and should be firmly resisted.
Tariq Ali
The only continent where social movements have led to political parties that have pushed through serious social and political reforms is in South America.
Tariq Ali
I was never totally what we would now call 'politically correct,' even in my most militant phase. I always liked good food, good wines. I suppose it was because I had total confidence in myself.
Tariq Ali
I don't regret what I did in the Sixties. I was young and took myself terribly seriously. In the Seventies, I spent too much time in inner-party factional disputes.
Tariq Ali
For India, the links with the United States/Israel are the centrepiece of its foreign policy.
Tariq Ali
An act of unilateral nuclear disarmament by a European power would have a much more lasting impact than all the sanctions under consideration. Sanctions, as we know from the example of Iraq, always affect the least powerful citizens the most.
Tariq Ali
In some ways, the '60s were a reaction to the '50s and the intensity of the Cold War.
Tariq Ali
The weakness in traditional Scottish nationalism lay in its own inability to grasp that identity could not be the only factor in the march to independence.
Tariq Ali
I am an atheist and do not know the meaning of the 'religious pain' that is felt by believers of every cast when what they believe in is insulted.
Tariq Ali
The Greek city-states politicised citizen and subject, creating institutions that were way ahead of anything in China or India. The politicians of antiquity exercised a political and military, if not economic, hegemony on the culture as a whole. The idea of democracy was first born and practised here.
Tariq Ali
In times of crisis, the incumbent suffers. And the bigger the crisis, the greater the punishment inflicted on those in power unless they do something that makes a change.
Tariq Ali

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