Quotes by: Taylor Momsen

I don't really like pants, man. I like tights. I'm not really a pants person. I choose not to wear pants.
Taylor Momsen
I have my favourite black knife with me all the time. It's a switchblade. It relaxes me to flick it.
Taylor Momsen
I'm a big fan of Die Antwoord, which is a different style than I normally listen to.
Taylor Momsen
I think Robert Plant is the quintessential frontman - just the way he moves. His voice is superhuman.
Taylor Momsen
I don't like guys who overdress. And I don't like guys who try too hard.
Taylor Momsen
Maybe I didn't have the childhood people think you should have, but I still went through the ages; I was still a child.
Taylor Momsen
My mum's really short so she always wears really tall heels, and I used to steal them and now it's just a part of my everyday life.
Taylor Momsen
Switching the public's perception and view of me was, and still is, kind of a challenge to get them to see me outside of a character that I played on TV for so long.
Taylor Momsen
Tabloids are going to focus on my shoes and not my music; that's just what they do.
Taylor Momsen
I don't know what to do when I'm not working. I lose my mind if I'm not constantly doing something.
Taylor Momsen
Don't hate me for what tabloids write about me, because I guarantee it's a lie.
Taylor Momsen
Like, when I write a song, the song comes first before production. Everything is written on an acoustic guitar so you can strip away everything from it and have it be equally as entertaining and good without the bells and whistles.
Taylor Momsen
One of my first favorite records was the debut Garbage album, which I heard when I was very young. Shirley Manson is a great female vocalist and performer and I admire her for that.
Taylor Momsen
I've been writing songs since I was, like, five and I've been singing since, like, I can't remember.
Taylor Momsen
My legs are really long and that's cool apparently, but I'm totally klutzy. I mean, I'm like Bambi. I fall all over myself because I can't control my arms and my really long legs.
Taylor Momsen

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