Quotes by: Tea Leoni

Téa Leoni
Leoni in 2007
Born Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni
(1966-02-25) February 25, 1966 (age 50)
New York City, New York, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1988–present
Spouse(s) Neil Joseph Tardio Jr. (m. 1991; div. 1995)
David Duchovny (m. 1997; div. 2014)
Children 2

I just mean it's very difficult for me to watch my work, in some ways, because I am critical of what I didn't get across or I thought I was making one point.
Tea Leoni
I dress up for awards, but only if somebody else is going to pay for the clothes. And shop for them, too!
Tea Leoni
I live by a hill. I began walking it and then I began jogging it and then I began sprinting it.
Tea Leoni
If I swim in the ocean, I have a shark thought. Not a bad one, but just a little one.
Tea Leoni
Acting doesn't feel good. It's not comfortable to feel all this stuff, it's not.
Tea Leoni
I don't mean to be presumptuous that men don't feel this, I don't mean this, but I found that when my child was born, my first child, it felt like my heart broke.
Tea Leoni
And I thought, you know, I have to say that maybe the whacked out mother is my new favorite role, but I don't want to just do it and become Nurse Ratchett.
Tea Leoni
I don't think, there's no possible way for me, anyway, to play a character that I haven't found some sort of sublime compassion for and I related to Deborah on a way that almost, initially, almost in a way maybe someone in the audience might.
Tea Leoni
Well, I think again, the worst part of it was just leading up to it, before we got on set, at least for me... dreading this idea that I was just going to suck and I really had strong feelings about that. I just didn't want to be that weak link.
Tea Leoni
First of all, returning from motherhood, I was looking for something lighter, and I wasn't as much attracted to Kate as I was to the relationship between the two people.
Tea Leoni
Well what I will tell you is for this movie, I got into probably the best shape of my life.
Tea Leoni
Sometimes, I feel that Manhattan in particular has gotten really tame and gentrified or something.
Tea Leoni
The one thing I think you must do is, as painful as it is as a parent, is listen.
Tea Leoni
I was desperate to go back to New York and when 9/11 happened, I feared moving to the bulls-eye and that was very hard because I have a lot of family there and I really had to question what I didn't like about this community.
Tea Leoni

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